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  • EasyCar Car Rental

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    EasyCar is a European based car rental company that was founded in 2000 by Stelios Haji-Ioannou, a flamboyant self proclaimed cereal entrepreneur from Greece. The company’s mission was to give customers an outstanding value by providing a reliable service at a low price1. To achieve this mission easyCar took a very different approach than the traditional car rental companies in Europe. The main competitors to easyCar were Avis Europe, Europcar, Hertz, and Sixt. The company did everything is could

  • Car Rental Industry in the UK

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    The car rental industry is a multi-billion sector of the UK industry. In the industry made had averages about €2.6billion in revenue in 2008. In 2008 there were approximately over 11 million individual rental contracts. In additional, there are many rental companies besides the industry leaders. The car rental industry is high consolidated which mean that new entries have cost advantage as they have high input costs with reduce possibility of economies of scale. Most of the profit is generated by

  • The Negative Analysis Of The AVIS Car Rental Car Commercials

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    The AVIS car rental company uses humour in their commercials to attract people towards their product however it also uses human traits such as anthropomorphism and personification to do so. This also causes people to feel bad or have second thoughts about their old sold cars. Specifically it gives humane traits such as adultery, and sadness. The goal is to attract people towards their product with humour. However some people take it seriously or it gets into their head which causes them to feel bad

  • SWOT Analysis of Fox Car Rental, Inc.

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    In this argument I will be focusing on Fox Car Rental, Inc. as the basis for a systematic analyses of the organization, as I identify the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the existence of the organization and its operations. Also, I will be providing three pitfalls to strategic management. In order to facilitate my argument, the use of a strategic matrix analyses will be utilized. Fox Car Rental, Inc. Fox Car Rental, Inc. began its operation in Los Vegas, Nevada, and quickly expanded

  • Revenue Management Saves National Car Rental by M.K Geraghty and Ernest Johnson

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    Revenue Management Saves National Car Rental by M.K Geraghty and Ernest Johnson In the January/February 1997 issue of INTERFACES magazine, M.K. Geraghty and Ernest Johnson were presented as finalists of the Franz A. Edelman award for their presentation on a state-of-the-art Revenue Management System that would turn a huge money losing rental car company, National Rental Car, into a profitable business within two years. In 1993, General Motors took a $744 million dollar charge against earnings

  • Why Alamo is the Worst Rental Car Company

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    Why Alamo is the Worst Rental Car Company Over Thanksgiving my husband and I had the worst experience renting a car. The laundry list of complaints began long before we ever rented the car. In the end all I wanted was my money back. I just had to figure out how to get it back. First of all we booked the reservation for the car over the internet. A few days prior to our reservation, we come to find out that we have to pay with an American Express card. This posed a problem since neither of

  • Renting a Car While On Vacation

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    When you go on holiday it is good to hire a rental car. Rental car insurance should be included with the hire of the vehicle. It is far better not to take your own vehicle on holiday with you because of the risks of it getting stolen or damaged. Also when you go abroad, certain Countries do not allow you to drive on the same side of the road that you are used to. Therefore, renting a car is a viable option. When you are taking the family on holiday, then it is important to make sure you have a comfortable

  • Diversification Plans for Just Sleeping Inn

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    Diversification In an effort to create a competitive advantage over other hotel chains, and give our customers greater service, Just sleeping Inn will expand our hotel chain to include a car rental service at all of our locations. Through several years of surveying customers and other demographics we have found that offering rental car service at the hotel instead of at the airport would greatly increase the satisfaction of our customers. With the free shuttle to and from the airport already in effect, Just

  • Persuasive Essay On Car Rental

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    business or personal trips are not an option, there are rental cars to turn to. People unwilling to add to the family car's mileage numbers or raise the wear and tear on it see renting a car as a viable alternative. However, car rentals do not always come cheap. The good news is, with a little digging you can save serious bucks on your next car rental. Car Rental Money-Saving How-Tos Most travelers have it wrong, thinking that all rental car rates are nearly the same. In reality, rates do actually

  • Car Rental Case Study

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    Characteristics of the car rental industry that influence the design of service delivery processes in general Intangibility – The “service” of car rental is intangible, given the physical nature of the rented vehicle, it truly is not as intangible as numerous other services in the sense that the customer can see and touch the rented vehicle. The physical vehicle is the service provided, for the huge majority of the period during which the costumer uses the service of car rental. For many services, intangibility