SWOT Analysis of Fox Car Rental, Inc.

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In this argument I will be focusing on Fox Car Rental, Inc. as the basis for a systematic analyses of the organization, as I identify the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the existence of the organization and its operations. Also, I will be providing three pitfalls to strategic management. In order to facilitate my argument, the use of a strategic matrix analyses will be utilized. Fox Car Rental, Inc. Fox Car Rental, Inc. began its operation in Los Vegas, Nevada, and quickly expanded their operations in many other states such as, Florida, North Carolina, Oregon, Utah, Montana, Washington, Utah, and Hawaii to mention a few. This organization has even gone beyond the host country’s location and have erected subsidiaries in Barbados, St, Lucia, Romania, Turkey, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Brazil, and New Zealand also mentioning only a few. However, the move to Florida was met with challenges to the car rental organization. In their expansion to Florida, the organization decided to plant its main base at Orlando, Florida, a seasonal tourist attraction geographical location. Even more, Florida was already dominated by a few major car rental companies such as, National Car Rental, Enterprise, Hertz, along with many other private car rental companies. The majority of profits car rental yield in Florida are from locations in the southern parts of the state, for example Fort Lauderdale Airport, and Miami, International Airport. It was difficult for Fox Car Rental, Inc. to establish a foothold at these Airport locations because of rental costs, and airport taxes which when incorporated in their operational expenses would inflate customers’ cost of vehicle rentals. Nonetheless, Fox Car Rental, Inc. has managed to obtai... ... middle of paper ... ...icies. Works Cited Audebrand, L. K. (2010). Sustainability in Strategic Management Education: The quest for new root metaphors. Academy of management learning & education, 9(3), 413-428. doi:10.5465/AMLE.2010.53791824 Božac, M., & Tipurić, D. (2008). Developing strategic initiatives with the tows matrix -Croatia Insurance company SWOT analysis. Conference proceedings: International conference of the faculty of economics Sarajevo (ICES), 1-20. Daft, L. R. (2012), Management, 10th Ed, Mason, Ohio: South-Cengage Learning. Daft, L. R. (2012). Madu, B. C. (2012). Organization culture as driver of competitive advantage. Journal of Academic and Business Ethics, 5, 1-9. Retrieved from http://search.proquest.com.proxy1.ncu.edu/docview/1011487475?accountid=28180 Markides, C. C. (1999). A dynamic view of strategy. Sloan management review, 40(3), 55-63.

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