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  • Gastric Bypass

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    Gastric Bypass More than 40,000 people a year are so desperate to lose weight they turn to the controversial, sometimes life-threatening surgery such as Gastric Bypass. I will be explaining what the surgery entitles, disadvantages vs. advantages. And most important, is Gastric bypass surgery the right choice when considering the risks.                     The most common form of “stomach stapling” is gastric bypass. In this procedure, a small pouch is formed in the stomach and stapled shut. The

  • Gastric Bypass Surgery Essay

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    A Second Chance at Life: Gastric Bypass Surgery In the recent years, American adults and even children have become morbidly obese, which has fueled a campaign for an effective intervention. The intervention that is beginning to receive widespread popularity is gastric bypass surgery. According to Tish Davidson and Teresa G. Odle in the article ‘Obesity Surgery,’ “gastric bypass surgery [is] probably the most common type of obesity surgery; gastric bypass surgery has been performed in the United

  • A Response to Functionalism

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    A Response to Functionalism Stephen Priest in Theories of Mind Chapter 5 describes functionalism as 'the theory that being in a mental state is being in a functional state' and adds that 'functionalism is, in a sense, an attempt to bypass the mind-body problem'. What does this definition really mean? An analogy might clarify the situation. Suppose a young child were to ask me what a saucepan was and in reply I said that it is a means of holding soup or vegetables in water during the time

  • Death by Highlighter

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    reading, or wrote in ball-point pen in the margins, forcing themselves to transmit information from words on a page to coherent thought to at least somewhat coherent squiggles on the page. The highlighter offers a seductive shortcut--the reader can bypass the "coherent thought to squiggle" step of the process and simply smear interesting passages with fluorescent ink, no analysis required. Particularly impressive phrases may merit an emphatic mark in the margin, and, on rare occasions, the holder of

  • The Parable of the Sadhu by Bowen H. McCoy

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    ‘attempted’ to help someone on the verge of death. The problem with merely attempting to help someone is that attempting to resolve a conflict is not actually resolving a conflict. It wouldn’t be prudent for a heart surgeon to attempt to perform a coronary bypass and not create such a channel and subsequently sew the patient back up. The patient would likely die unless someone intervened and completed this task for him. But since Bowen did, in fact, ‘try’ to help a stranger while the sun was melting the 18

  • Dangerous Intersection In Alcoa

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    intersection is the US 129 bypass at Louisville Road. I mention that I have previous knowledge of this intersection because I am in fact an employee of this city, and have therefore compiled crash data as well as traffic counts for such. Not only is this intersection dangerous because of high speeds, but there is also a lack of acceleration lanes in which to enter traffic, and businesses such as Wal-mart and Cracker Barrel contribute to it’s cross road over crowding. The US 129 bypass at Louisville Road

  • Building the New European Order

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    Building the New European Order When World War II ended the final remnants of the old European order lay in ruins. With such devastation wrought upon the continent twice in less than fifty years, it was remarkable that Europe managed to recover. What is even more remarkable is the Phoenix that rose from these ashes, and the new feelings of unity that accompanied the ending of the war. Those nations of western Europe began to do what decades ago had been unthinkable: develop the blueprints

  • Digital Subscriber Line Essay

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    reliable. One can depend on DSL because its proven technology takes full advantage of the existing telecommunications infrastructure. It’s inherently secure. DSL network provides a dedicated Internet connection via private telephone wires, you can bypass dial-up intruders or shared network hackers. Unlike traditional dial-upp modems or cable modems. DSL protects your valuable data with the most secure connection available. It’s surprising affordable. DSL is widely recognized as the most cost-effective

  • Hacking

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    operators did to improve performance and battle boredom.” Here banks focuses on boredom as the reason of hacking. A more technical definition of hacking according to Digital Guards data base (2001) is “unauthorized use, or attempts to circumvent or bypass the security mechanisms of an information system or network.” Darlington (2001) believes hacking is not limited to accessing data or information but also includes an attack on the privacy of all people. Almost all different opinions agree on the illegality

  • College Education vs. Technical Training

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    stuck in his dorm room studying history while his younger brother worked on the future. The question this commercial presented was obvious, why waste all that time in a university learning trivial facts which don’t apply to the real world when you can bypass it and still learn an important skill. That is an interesting question to consider, especially in such a hi-tech world. But is job training all one needs to know to be successful? What are the advantages of a college degree versus a technical degree

  • Mixer and Nozzle Process Description

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    Mixer The hot air that is forced out of the combustor and through the turbine continues to exit the engine at the rearward. Before exiting however, this air must be mixed with the cooler bypass air that did not go through the compressor and combustor. These two airstreams are mixed in order to quiet the engine. To understand how air can create noise, first consider the way water splashes and makes noise when a wave crashes. In the same way, when two different air streams traveling at extremely high

  • Message Boards and Their Abuse: Trolls

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    amount of times the spammer clicked “submit.” Trolls can also find ways to exploit message boards into using censored words. If a message board censors out bad language, one can put message board code like [i][/i] between the censored word and it will bypass the censor system. Smart trolls can also program scripts to post a specific message during a specific time frame (every 30 seconds, for example). Egotistical trolls usually try to imitate other members on the board by making screen names that look

  • Boston's Bicycle Commuters Have Their Reasons

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    environmental, health, and monetary benefits, many bicycle commuters wonder why only .4 percent of the Massachusetts workforce ride their bike to work. Riding a bike to work can be faster than taking your car or riding the T. On a bike, a person is able to bypass heavy morning traffic jams, eliminate the time it takes to find a parking spot, and arrive to work refreshed. A bike commuter is multitasking by getting from point A to point B and getting some exercise in at the same time. "I bike because it's

  • Direct Marketing and Avon Beauty Products

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    marketing The definition of DM is very complicated but it is simply selling a product or service via direct advertising sent through the mail, and also via several Internet promotion methods. The direct selling method enables the consumers to bypass inefficient wholesale and retail distribution systems. Women who left business in order to have children is able to do part time business, and also a very attractive career for woman reentering the work force. According to the “Direct selling Assosiation”

  • The Scarlet Pimpernel written by Baroness Orczy

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    little head on a stick, eh? The third way that Chauvelin and Sir Percy are alike is that they both use disguises in the book. Percy uses a disguise when he is trying to smuggle out aristocrats. His was of an old hag, and it allowed him to bypass the guards. He said that he was toting along his son who had the plague. Percy also had many accessories with his tricks. This time he used a rope of braids that Percy said were from the men who's heads got cut off. Yikes! Chauvelin's disguise

  • File Sharing

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    Digital Rights Management (DRM) that prevents the media from being copied. The overall effect from this is the average person is left with the headache of not being able to do what they want with their own media, while the pirateer continues to hack and bypass security measures. The biggest contributor to file sharing these days is through software using virtual media. Before with the virtual media, the only way you could get something was if someone you knew had it. Now with the power of the web a user

  • Social Work

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    By 1987, the federal government had decided to help, passing the McKinney Act, which directed federal money to support homeless shelters. Yet 15 years later, the cycle continues. “It has been suggested that newly homeless people are more likely to bypass the shelters and use their homeless assistance money to stay in a motel. Because the government assistance is not sufficient to help the most needy” (Seltser & Miller, pg 48). Again you ask yourself what is the meaning of being homeless? Just think

  • Asian Paints Place (Marketing Mix)

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    to individual consumers of paints. AP went slow on urban areas and concentrated on semi-urban and rural areas. AP went retail. AP went in for an open-door dealer policy. AP voted for nationwide marketing / distribution AP BYPASS THE BULK BUYER SEGMENT AND GOES TO INDIVIDUAL CONSUMERS Bulk buyer segment was the major segment of the paint business in the earlier days and any paint company needed a share of this major segment for sheer survival. Though, this segment was dominated

  • Baked Potatoes or French Fries

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    away with eating the darndest things. They gobble candy ice pops, french fries and for the most part remain amazingly thin and fit. However, adults with the same type of diet are high-cholesterol dynamites just waiting for an explosion into triple-bypass heaven. Why do the little brats get to eat what ever they so desire without worry, while adults have to monitor every gram of anything that even considers passing through their lips? Basically, this is because children expend an amazing amount of

  • Another Civil War

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    States separated. When trying to discuss the Civil War we must first explain why the Confederate states seceded and just as importantly, how they were defeated. When trying to find the causes and the outcomes of the Civil War, I've chosen to bypass the political reasons and would rather discuss the areas of economic and sociological conflict. It is hard to discuss one of these aspects without showing how closely it is tied into the other. Economy is the child of sociological conditions and