Bromate Ion Essays

  • Investigate the Effect of Temperature on Cell Membranes and Membrane Structure

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    membranes are of special interest to us. This is because they have a number of important functions. Proteins function as: • Carriers for water-soluble molecules (such as glucose) • Channels for ions (such as sodium and chloride ions) • Pumps, which use energy to move water-soluble molecules and ions • Receptors, which enable hormones and nerve transmitters to bind to specific cells • Recognition sites, which identify a cell as being of a particular type • Enzymes, which speed up chemical

  • Chemistry: Percent Composition Lab Introduction

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    Percent Composition Lab Introduction The percentage of something is very important in everyday life. For example, a farmer would want to know the percentage of nutrients in a fertilizer they are using. In spring, the farmer may want to use a fertilizer that has a high percentage of nitrogen, because it "greens” plants. In the fall, the farmer may want to use a fertilizer that has a higher percentage of potassium, because it strengthens the root systems of plants. A way to find the percentage of nutrients

  • The Effect of Concentration on Reaction Rate

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    utilized the ability for the iodide ion to become oxidized by the persulphate ion. Our general reaction can be described as: (NH4)2S2O8 + 2KI à I2 + (NH4)2SO4 + K2SO4 (1a) However, we know that in an aqueous solution, all of these compounds except iodine will dissociate into their ionic components. Thus we can rewrite the equation in a more convenient manner: S2O82- + 2I- à I2 + 2SO42- (1b) It is important however to note that the NH4 and K ions are still in the solution, they are

  • Hydrolysis of Oxoanions

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    Hydration energies increase with increasing charge and decreasing anion size. As with cations, if the interaction between the anion and the hydrogen of the water is sufficiently strong, the hydrogen can be removed from the water generating a hydroxide ion resulting in a basic solution. MOxy- + H2O [MO(x-1)OH](y-1)- + OH- The equilibrium constant for this reaction is the base ionization constant, Kb. Base ionization constants are tabulated as pKbs. Successive ionizations are listed as pKb1, pKb2

  • Investigating Temperature Change when Different Volumes of Acid and Alkali are Mixed

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    Investigating Temperature Change when Different Volumes of Acid and Alkali are Mixed Prediction ========== My prediction is that the biggest temperature change will be when there are equal amounts of H+ ions and OH-, this is because create an optimum mixture for the ions to neutralise each other. Apparatus ========= v Empty plastic yoghurt cup v thermometer v Hydrochloric Acid v Sodium Hydroxide v Two measuring cylinders [IMAGE] Diagram =======

  • Group VII Elements - Halogens

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    electrons to become negative ions. The FIRST ELECTRON AFFINITY of an element is the ENTHALPY CHANGE WHEN ONE MOLE OF GASEOUS ATOMS GAINS ELECTRONS TO FORM ONE MOLE OF GASEOUS IONS. Electron affinity DECREASES as you DESCEND the group VII: F à 333kJ Cl à 346kJ of energy is released for every one mole of F/Cl/Br/I Br à 324kJ atoms changing to a mole of F/Cl/Br/I ions. I à 295kJ This trend can be explained by the fact that as you descend the group, the X- ion becomes less stable and

  • Precipitation Test of Cations and Anions

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    Qualitative Analysis Purpose: In this lab, we would tests the ions of Mg2+, Ca2+, Sr2+, and Ba2+, and enable each to be identified separately. And by using these observations, we could also identify an unknown. We also would tests the ions of SO42-, CO32-, Cl-, and I-, that also enable each to be identified separately, and to be use to identify the unknown. Safety: Chemicals include toxic. Remember to wash hands after the experiment. Procedure Summary; Part I - Qualitative Analysis

  • Essay On Ionic And Covalent Bonds

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    Properties of Ionic and Covalent Bonds Explained Within the last unit of Chemistry, the cause of ionic and covalent properties was revealed. The true predictor of the compound lies in the bonds that take place. Normally within an ionic bond there is a non-metal and a metal element bonded together. During the bonding elements completely transfer valence electrons between atoms. The metal within the bond loses the few electrons that it has in the outer-most shell which then causes the metal to

  • Essay On Vinegar And Baking Soda

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    What does happen when you mix vinegar and baking soda? While your immediate answer may be "it fizzes and turns white" there is much science behind the concept. You will find that what it "looks like" is not nearly everything behind what really happens. Baking soda and vinegar form a completely different compound (when two or more elements combine; broken down by chemical changes like adding energy as heat or an electric current), which has it’s own properties. From the particle model of matter to

  • Electrical Conductivity Essay

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    electrons in its outer valance, thus contributes to its conductivity and the continuous flow of energy. Ionic compounds are usually formed by a bond with the metal groups and carries a negative charge; can also consist of polyatomic ions. Positive cations and negative ions remain bonded together by their electrical charges. Crystals with ionic properties, such as sodium chloride completely dissociates in water. Thus, ionic compound form crystal, they have a high melting point and known to dissolve evenly

  • What Is Pervious Concrete

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    Pervious concrete is different from the conventional concrete. It is defined as “no fines concrete”. The pervious concrete mix contains very little or practically no fine aggregate. Pervious concrete which is also known as the no-fines, porous, gap graded, and porous concrete and enhance porosity concrete has been found to be a reliable storm water management tool. By definition, pervious concrete is a mixture of gravel or granite stone, cement, water, little to no sand (fine aggregate) with or without

  • Importance Of Cosmetology

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    Cosmetology is the study of hair and application of beauty treatment. It involves things such as the chemicals cosmetologist use in your hair and on your face. The central products used are shampoo, hair dye, perms, and make up. It also plays an important aspect in our everyday lives. It is fundamental to understand how important cosmetology is in chemistry. Standard 1 Element d For example, we use hair dye for our hair. It’s a chemical product that is used in chemistry. The chemical name is hydrogen

  • The Element Gold: Discipline: Chemistry

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    The Element Gold Discipline: Chemistry I am going to discuss about the element known as gold in my assignment. To describe the element gold in simple terms, I can only say that it is an element (chemical element). This element is denoted by the symbol Au. It has an atomic number of seventy nine (79).  I will describe quite a number of things concerning gold as an element. To begin with is: Physical properties Gold contains several properties that are visible through the human eye. It is these properties

  • Logic Tree Essay

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    Analysis and Identification of an Ionic Compound using Logic Trees Introduction: It is important to be able to analyze and identify compounds especially in industry where even slight changes in compound structure or concentration could have disastrous effects. In this project, comprising of three parts, cation and anion elimination and confirmation tests are performed. Two logic trees are then constructed from the test results. These logic trees are used to identify the anion and cation of an unknown

  • Conclusion Of Electrodeposition

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    In 1830 Michael Faraday predicted a relationship between the charge passed and the amount of a substance oxidized or reduced at an electrode. His proposal was based on two main arguments related to electrolytic processes: i) The amount of chemical change produced by an electrical current is proportional to the quantity of electricity passed. ii) The amounts of various substances liberated by a given quantity of electricity are inversely proportional to their chemical equivalent weights. These principles

  • Lab Report Molecular Formula

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    Following my research using the molecular formula, I dove deeper into my research and looked closely at my calculated data. My molecular formula is C_4 H_9 Cl. I used ChemSpider to match my formula to millions of compounds. The compounds that match my molecular formula are 1-Chlorobutane, Tert-Butyl Chloride, 1-Chloro-2-Methylpropane, 2-Chlorobutane, (2S)-2-Chlorobutane, and (2R)-2-Chlorobutane. (ChemSpider) C36843 has a density of 0.8601 g/mL. (Table 1) All of the calculated values of C36843 are

  • How To Write A Fertilizers Lab Report

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    During week 1 of this experiment, we recorded common components of fertilizers and then went on to find the chemical formulas involved in creating them. The second week we began the process of comparing three authentic ions we had established in the first week to ion samples to discover other properties they might contain. We decided to discover these different ingredients by preforming a serious of tests, which included placing 0.2g solid of both the authentic and the sample fertilizer separately

  • The Effect of Temperature on Corroding Marble Chips

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    increased temperature means that the hydrogen ions in the acid will move faster, leading to more collisions and more successful collisions. The more successful collisions there are the greater the rate of reaction. From what you already know what to you think will happen? --------------------------------------------------------- I predict that the higher temperatures will speed up the reaction time. I think this because the hydrogen ions will get more energy from the higher temperatures

  • Blood Brain Barrier

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    knowledge. Importance of the BBB Without the BBB, undesirable molecules could freely diffuse from the capillaries to the fluid that surrounds the brain cells. These undesirable molecules include: TOXINS- poisons taken in from the environment. IONS- that might upset the delicate electrochemical gradients of the cerebral fluid. ACIDS and BASES- that might upset the cerebral ... ... middle of paper ... ...aks down the BBB, so the mice infected with GBS lacking this toxin developed less bacterial

  • The Anion Gap

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    body fluid. The common cation that being measured are sodium ion and potassium ion, but potassium ion usually not included within the calculation due to very low amount within human body fluid (Emmett and Narins, 1977, pp. 38). The common anions used in the calculation of anion gap are chloride ion and bicarbonate ion. The calculation of anion gap as following: [(Na2+ + K+) − (Cl- + HCO3- )] (Wilson, 2012, p. 907) Usually, potassium ion is not included due to low concentration and stable amount