Boston Tea party

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The Boston Tea Party was an important historical event that happened on the night of December 16th, 1773. This was a predicament that was between the British government and the American colonies. The number one priority of it dealt with taxes, which Britain was requiring American colonies to pay. In 1765, the Stamp Act was created by Parliament to provide money to make peach with the Native Americans and the American settlers. It was an act that was loathed by the colonists of America, and was repealed by parliament for many reasons. The government of Britain created other laws to maintain all the problems that were being forced upon; which later, the Boston Tea Part was focused on the Parliamentary Law. Americans were very up to date when it came to financial demands by the British Parliament. They were not blind sighted by the whole thing and just did what British said. In 1765, an organization that was kept on the down level, called the Sons and Daughters of Liberty was created for the British to boycott their products. With the start of 1773, assemblies of Massachusetts and Virginia had created the Committees of Correspondence, which was a group that was directed to communicate to any threats that was being shown by any of the American colonies. With that being said, parliament passed the Tea Act, which had a big part in the Boston Tea Party. The Tea Act allowed East Indian Company to undersell colonial tea merchants in American Market. It was the start of something new. In the beginning of 1773, the East India Company saw that they had large amount of tea in stock and could not get it to move or sell at all in England; they were on the track to bankruptcy. With the Tea Act, it was here to save this from happening. The Tea ... ... middle of paper ... ... created quite the situation. Colonists were well organized to be against British and their policies of acts involving tea. With the mistake of Lord North, and the allowance of the Tea Company being able to avoid paying duties and sell tea in America for less. Groups in Boston dumped all their property into the harbor rather then having to deal with any other confrontation and accept anything that lowered those standards from Britain. Tea became the symbol of British by their government. Boston was the middle of confrontation on the night of December 16th, 1773. This was a date that changed world history to the max. A revolutionary was scheduled for the world to year. As being said and done, American would not give up their rights, would not be allowed to give up anything they were promised to have, and would not give up their freedom to anyone except themselves.

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  • Explains that the boston tea party was an important historical event that happened on the night of december 16th, 1773.
  • Explains that the tea act gave the east india company the right to export their tea without paying taxes, which led to the idea of selling to american merchants and organizing a tea trade.
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