Boston Tea Party

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December 16, 1773, an angry group of protesters snuck upon three British ships carrying tea, and threw over 90,000 pounds of tea into the harbor. However this was not the cause of the revolutionary war, it was multiple things that the British government did to the Americans to provoke them to fight back. Many think it was right what they did to the American colonist, but many know it was wrong and some even consider it to be illegal. The British Government put a tax on stuff for everyday use, like paper, stamps, tea, etc. The American colonist knew it was wrong and unlawful so some refused to pay the price of the tax. British soldiers went to those people and demanded the money, if refused again or unable to pay the person would be beaten or even killed. The colonies revolted against the British Government which started the revolutionary war. A war that in today’s time is stilled talked about. A big part of history in America and England. There were many things that stand out the most that the colonist did to the British, and things that the British did to the colonist. The British had in their minds that they were going to win without a doubt, but the colonist was determined to prove them wrong. The colonist stood up for their rights and fought the British every step of the way. The Americans never believed for one second that they would fail. There were times that things looked grim, but they never showed fear toward their enemy. As the British went door to door collecting taxes, the colonist began to get more and more upset with them. They were planning against the soldiers; they were playing to stop them with any means necessary. The things the British taxed made it hard for the colonist to fight, because it was things that ...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that protesters snuck on three british ships carrying tea and threw over 90,000 pounds of tea into the harbor on december 16, 1773. the british government provoked the americans to fight back.
  • Analyzes how the british taxed paper, stamps, tea, etc., and the american colonists refused to pay the tax. the british were determined to prove them wrong.
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