The Boston Tea Party

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Splash! “…Patriots disguised as Native Americans threw 342 chests of tea overboard from three British ships” (Hart 71). This event, which the colonists enjoyed but angered the British, was later referred to as the Boston Tea Party. This started off when the East India Company had a superfluous supply of tea that nobody was buying. As a result, they lowered the price of the tea and sent it to America for the colonists to buy. This was called the Tea Act. The colonists weren't stupid and immediately recognized it as a hidden tax. They were extremely outraged and a secret group called the Sons of Liberty got the idea of throwing out the tea into the Boston Harbor. The Boston Tea Party had a prodigious impact on the colonies politically, economically, and socially which altered the course set for America.

After the Boston Tea Party, both Britain and America politically changed. First, Britain passed ruthless laws. They were called the Intolerable Acts and were enforced by numerous British troops (Hart 72). The Intolerable Acts were composed of five different acts that affected the colonists hugely. One of them was called the Massachusetts Government Act. This meant that the government of Massachusetts was chosen by the king of Britain. Specifically, “It appointed for a council appointed by the crown and prohibited town meetings without the governor’s permission” (Bearman). This act had an adverse effect on the colonists because the government made unfair laws for them and they couldn’t meet and talk about Britain without being heard by the British. In addition, the Committees of Correspondence were banned (Causes of the American Revolution). As a result, they couldn’t exchange messages about politics. Besides, letters were the best t...

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...ts with the same confidence and encouragement that we find in people today. Succinctly, the Boston Team Party was a very important event in the making of America. It caused many significant future events that evolved America to how it is now, free and independent.

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