Big Problem Essays

  • Big Government Big problem

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    Big Government wants to make you safe and give you liberty. But Benjamin Franklin said “They who give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”. He lived under a big government that said they could give both. You know how that went. Many people today say we can have both. That people are good and will not take advantage of others. Look around you do you feel safe and free. We should feel “safe” we have more people in prison than any other country

  • Bill Clinton And His Many Problems

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    Bill Clinton and His Many Problems William Jefferson Clinton was re-elected as president of the United States in 1996. During the last 4 years Bill has had a lot of problems e.g. Whitewater and sex-scandals. Whitewater is a summerhouse-area where Bill and especially his wife, Hillary, a couple of years ago, made some suspicious money-transactions. Right now the case against Hillary Clinton is pau¬ sed, but the judge thinks a breakthrough might come if a good friend of Hillary and Bill is proved

  • Five-Finger Discount

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    that at first seem unknown. These High prices make it hard for many families to make ends meet. At the root of this problem there are many factors like inflation, over priced mark-up, and quantity of the product. But the one thing that should not lead to higher prices is shoplifting. Shoplifting is a plague that is sweeping this nation. Because shoplifting has become such a problem, stores are forced to raise prices to make up for lost sales. This is not their fault, however, few people put the blame

  • Ethanol Proposal

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    Ethanol Proposal Purpose As the number toxin spewing cars rises, pollution has presented itself as a major problem in urban areas. There have been many solutions presented to help solve this problem, but few have been widely accepted by the general public. I believe the pollution problem is one that cannot be solved in one big step, but in smaller steps. I see Ethanol use as one of those steps. The intention of this proposal is to recommend an approach that would lead to widespread use of

  • Business Challenges

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    Becoming a CEO of a company whether it’s big or small, is a huge task to take on, but can be the most rewarding depending on how your company does. Either way when going into such a job, in which you are so powerful, you have to think of each and every challenge that you come across within your job. Challenges that your company will face can vary in many different ways, from environmental issues, to social issues, economic issues, as well as many more For my company, Staples, I have worked in the

  • Substance Abuse

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    substance Abuse Substance abuse is just one of the problems facing the United States today. Even though it seems like a big problem, it actually first started in the 1800’s when the first drugs were smuggled. This only began the never ending path of illegal drugs flowing through the U.S. In the 1950’s, a therapeutic drug was introduced called Phencyclidine (PCP), later nicknamed angle dust. Doctors soon found that the drug caused hallucinogenic side effects. It was then pulled. The drug soon reappeared

  • Communication

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    Communication Communication is key to any family dynamic; without communication no one knows what is going on and people get isolated. In Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis, the family’s communication, or lack thereof, is a big problem. Gregor’s metamorphosis into a world of complete isolation is seen through four stages of communication. Gregor understands what his family is saying when he first morphs into a bug and he assumes that his family can understand him as well. “ Because the door was made of

  • The Use of the Scientific Method in Psychology

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    sample than the other methods because it takes less time to collate the results. It is also useful because it allows for further research to be added - it can be updated. There are a number of problems with this. The subjects may not feel comfortable and could answer just to please the experimenter. A big problem with the method is that it does not give enough range for the subject. They are restricted within the boundaries of the tick boxes. The researcher can only learn so much. The laboratory experiment

  • The Downside to Land Use and Urban Development

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    The Downside to Land Use and Urban Development Excessive land use and urban development are a problem, because it causes pollution and it robs animals of their homes.  When man extends his boundaries into nature, nature has no choice but to go somewhere else.  Expansion and population are the cause of this environmental problem.  I propose to set a standard for land development for every city.  In that I also propose that each city should impose a set number of persons to live in that city. 

  • The Twenties and Thirties

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    the reason it is called the Roaring Twenties. All of the thirties were known as The Great Depression. It was probably called that because of the stock market collapse and the millions of people without jobs. In the twenties, industry took a very big step. The automotive industry was the largest industry there was. The assembly line made mass production possible, and the industry boomed. Henry Ford's assembly line, located in Detroit, Michigan, was the largest one in the country and possibly

  • Omar Epps

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    all of his fans and supporters he has chosen to go to the University of Southern California. In the mean time, his soon to be girlfriend, Monica, is also expected to attend the same college. Later in the movie, Quincy and Monica get together and problems start to rise. Because Quincy is so popular with all the girls on campus he ends his relationship with Monica and starts his quest for the right girl to marry. On another note, throughout the movie a very noticeable trait that Quincy displays

  • Solutions to School Violence

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    Violence in schools has spread widely throughout the nation. This has caused many problems among students, families, faculty of schools, and residents of the areas. However, there are many possible ways we can stop all this violence in schools. Almost three-fourths of the United States teens are afraid of violent crime amongst their peers (Apfel 23). Violence in schools has become a big problem in todays society. With all the people being injured or killed in schools by guns and other weapons, more

  • Pride In Poetry

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    pride and regret of an unfulfilled life. They each make a tour through points in their lives, which seem to have been hard times. Pride puts a bad outlook on life, just like it says in the quote by Coleridge. It is a big problem that drapes over the heads of human kind and seems to be a big thing in the eyes of the speakers in the poems. It is a hard thing to get past and it hurts you very easily. If you live your life in fear, it may end before you can do what you wanted to do with your life. If Eliot’s

  • The Art Of Keeping Cool

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    was threatening to come over to the United States. There were rumors flying about German submarines being spotted just off the coast and traitors being discovered only a few towns away. Therefore, if you were friends with a German, it would be a problem. The main characters are Robert and his cousin Elliot, there’s Robert’s mom, and his little 5 year-old sister, they lived in a farm but then they all went to Sachem’s Head to live with Robert’s grandparents, his aunt Nan and uncle Jake, just until

  • Admissions Essay: The Plain Truth

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    regular high school--as you can see there is some drama behind the scene. Applying to college was not an easy thing for me. First, I had to make the choice of whether I wanted to go or not. After I went to SMYSP, I knew I wanted to be there--my big problem was that I did not think I was good enough. No one in my family even has a high school diploma. At first I was going to just settle for a junior college, but with the pushing of my pals from Stanford, I decided not to sell myself short. I really

  • The Job that Changed My Life

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    restrain a kid who was out of control, it only got worse from there on. It seemed like an everyday occurrence in this place; the kids were ok most of the time, but it only took one kid in a bad mood to set the other 40 kids off then it turns into a big problem. This job was physically and mentally demanding of my energy. I worked anywhere from ten to thirteen hour days; my stress level sky rocketed, and my school work started to suffer, eventually I dropped out of school because I was miserable

  • Soul Catchers

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    trace like states. The prophet Elijah emerges out of these traveling prophets around 886 BCE and begins to speak publicly. Elijah had a big problem with the King. The Kings lady was from a pagan religion and had brought about the worship of other Gods. Elijah addresses the King publicly and challenges the other Gods to make fire. They of course can’t match the Big Guy and Elijah triumphs and rides away into the sky leaving behind his robe passing on the power of prophecy. So ends the spoken prophets

  • Different Types of Organized Crime in Canada

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    they stay away from a particular crime because it is the speciality of a stronger group. A look into which groups do which crimes will be helpful. Aboriginal organized crime groups tend to deal with crimes that many people do not consider a big problem. These groups tend to focus on the smuggling of cigarettes and alcohol. Aboriginal groups also tend to take part in the founding of illegal gambling facilities. Although these offences in and of themselves may appear to be rather innocent; the large

  • Master Harold And The Boys by Athol Fugard

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    a teenage white boy whose parents own the restaurant walks in after coming from school and begins to have a conversation with Sam and Willie. In the period of only an hour and a half or so, Sam, Willie, and Hally give a small glimpse of a very big problem. Through past memories they talk about the differences between the white and the blacks from education, to employment, to overall segregation, and to the relationships blacks and whites have with each other. In the play, Sam and Willie play servants

  • States' Arguments Against A Central Government

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    domination, which had been subjugating its colonies with laws of an unwritten constitution. It must be understood that though Americans were fighting for the right of democracy and each state wanted self-government, later that same issue turned into a big problem. Soon after America became independent, the former British colonies decided to form their own governments. It was then that the real battle began. The task of forming separate constitutions for each state, along with the formation of governmental