Ethanol Proposal

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Ethanol Proposal


As the number toxin spewing cars rises, pollution has presented itself as a major problem in urban areas. There have been many solutions presented to help solve this problem, but few have been widely accepted by the general public. I believe the pollution problem is one that cannot be solved in one big step, but in smaller steps. I see Ethanol use as one of those steps. The intention of this proposal is to recommend an approach that would lead to widespread use of ethanol.


Concern about air quality has been around for years. Emissions have long since been a contributing factor to air pollution. Ethanol didn't get its first real big push until the federal Clean Air Acts of 1990. These acts required that oxygenated fuels, such as ethanol, be added to gasoline to reduce harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, sulfur, and nitrates. So far these acts only apply to cities in which ozone and carbon monoxide levels are too high, as determined by the public health standards. Ozone and carbon monoxide are toxic in certain levels to humans outside of urban areas, but are not regulated.


The search for a cleaner burning fuel is not a new one. Although most people know that they?re cars are spewing out toxins that are harmful to the environment, they drive the car anyway. In this modern day when faster is better, cars have become necessities. Air pollution caused by cars hasn?t always been such a big problem. When there were fewer cars on the road, nobody thought anything about the possible consequences. Not thinking ahead has always been human nature though. Environment concerns have only arisen in the past few decades because technology has allowed scientist to m...

... middle of paper ... a direct product of corn and many other crops), the federal budget and the unemployment rate.

Implementation and Recommendation

Implementation of a tax break such as this would require action taken by the general public who is already knowledgeable about ethanol. These people must take the time to call their state and nationally elected representatives and ask for such a bill that would include the two-cent tax incentive. People must also vote for ethanol supporters when election time rolls around. Since this is a political proposal, it must be carried out by elected officials and then be supported by the public.

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