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  • The Bermuda Triangle

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    and a few of them are the Bermuda Triangle disappearances. With a map of the Atlantic Ocean, and a ruler, about anyone can outline the Bermuda Triangle. It is a region in the Atlantic Ocean touching on Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Florida. “It covers roughly 500,000 square miles” (Obringer). The Bermuda Triangle is also referred to as Devil 's Triangle because many airplanes and ships have mysteriously disappeared in the region, without any trace. The Devil’s Triangle is one of the biggest mysteries

  • The Bermuda Triangle

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    The Bermuda Triangle is one of the biggest mysterious places in the world. Its exact location is at the Atlantic Ocean, which is bounded by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. In a normal daily life, it is a part of a regularly sailed shipping lane with cruise ships and many small boats also frequently sailing through the sea. Aircraft are also common in the Bermuda Triangle with both private and commercial planes commonly flying over it. While it has a nickname that shows its horror side-the Devil's

  • The Bermuda Triangle

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    which received the name the Bermuda Triangle (Duffield). No one knows why this phenomenon happens, but there are theories out there that just might explain what goes on in the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle is an area of water in the Atlantic Ocean that connects Miami, Florida, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the Bermuda Islands together and makes a triangle shape (What is the Bermuda Triangle). Even though it is just part of the Atlantic Ocean, the Bermuda Triangle has been known to cause problems

  • The Bermuda Triangle

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    The Bermuda Triangle The Bermuda Triangle is a triangular area in the Atlantic Ocean bounded by Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. Many people believed that people, ships, and planes have mysteriously vanished in this area. The size of the triangle varies from 500,000 square miles. Some trace the mystery back to the time of Columbus. Bermuda Triangle estimates range from about 200 to no more than 8,000 distress calls in the area and that there have been more than 50 ships and 20 planes to go

  • The Bermuda Triangle

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    The Bermuda triangle is a place that boggles many scientists even in this day and age. The Bermuda Triangle, referred to by some as the Devil's Triangle, is in a western region of the North Atlantic Ocean where countless aircraft, ships and people have inexplicably disappeared. Throughout the years of 1955 and 1975 more than 428 vessels disappeared, along with 100 ships and 1000 lives (Obringer1). Where did these people and ships disappear off too and how come no remains were found is the mysterious

  • Bermuda Triangle

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    There has always been a lot of speculation about the Bermuda Triangle, blaming sea monsters and the lost city of Atlantis for all of the disappearances within the past century. Everything that happens, though, can be logically explained, just by taking a look at the weather patterns and the waters that lie within the Bermuda Triangle. One of the possible reasons why so many ships and aircraft mysteriously disappear is because of methane hydrates. Methane hydrates are pockets of gas trapped inside

  • The Bermuda Triangle

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    The Bermuda Triangle The Bermuda Triangle is shrouded, in a thick cloud of mystery, in a thick cloud of controversy, and a thick cloud of argument. Not even the location of the Triangle is agreed on. The most common description of its location is the triangle formed by linking Bermuda, Miami, and Puerto Rico. But there is also two other descriptions: The Devil's Triangle is more like a blob that covers most of the western Caribbean. The Limbo of the lost is an area that stems from Miami to

  • The Bermuda Triangle: A Contreversial Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle

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    The Bermuda Triangle, also known as Devil’s Triangle is an imaginary triangle located between the points of San Juan, Miami, and Bermuda. Christopher Colombus was the first to report odd happenings in the triangle. He claimed that odd lights appeared in the area, and that his compass was acting odd. Afterward, countless reports of missing ships and planes in the area have been noted. No one has an answer to the mystery, however several theories have been developed. The Devils Triangle is a common

  • The Bermuda Triangle

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    The Bermuda Triangle,also known as the Hoodoo Sea, the Devil's Triangle, the Limbo of the Lost, and the Twilight Zone, is a part of the ocean in which planes, ships, and people mysteriously seem to just disappear. It is an imaginary area shaped as a triangle. Which is located in the outer tip of Florida. Its been the biggest mystery of time because of the mysterious disappearances that have happened over time. “The term Bermuda Triangle was first used in an article written by Vincent H. Gaddis for

  • The Bermuda Triangle

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    You might know that the Bermuda Triangle is a legendary place where numerous disappearances have occurred, but how much do you really know about it? Some people don’t believe in such a place, but some do. Research has been conducted to try and figure out what could possibly be happening here, but with no hard evidence. The mysterious Bermuda Triangle may be more than just a myth though; the Bermuda triangle has a long history with disappearances, few people live through it to tell the tale, and possible

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    map, but a quick Google search turns up 10,400,000 web pages, and 101,000 books. What legend is this? It is the legend of the Bermuda triangle. A host of theories attempts to explain the supposedly abnormal events in the Bermuda triangle in a supernatural or physically impossible way. These theories attract the most attention, and are what have promoted the Bermuda triangle to the status of “Legend”. Now, let us explore some of the more prominent ones, namely the Electronic Fog theory, the Hutchinson

  • Essay On The Bermuda Triangle

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    Steven DeLavan 12.15.13 The Bermuda Triangle The Bermuda Triangle, an area that stretches from the Florida coast to Bermuda to Puerto Rico, also known as the Deadly Triangle or Devil's Triangle. This area has been the location of many unexplained disappearances and phenomenon’s such as shipwrecks, plane crashes, mysterious disappearances, craft instrument malfunctions. These disappearances and phenomenons have caused many different theories to be developed over the years. This paper will

  • The Devil Triangle: The Bermuda Triangle

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    ships or boats retrieved? These are all the questions people ask daily about the Bermuda Triangle. Today I hope to make it clear who and what to believe. The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil Triangle, is a loosely defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. According to the US Navy, the triangle does not exist, and the name is not recognized by the US Board on Geographic names

  • Essay On The Bermuda Triangle

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    The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is one of the few special spots on earth where a vast number of ships and planes are lost. Most of their wreckage has not been found either. Many odd events have been proclaimed about the area. There are many theories behind the Triangle, but a few are more believable than the rest. Scientists and theorists have linked these three main theories to the Bermuda Triangle: the electromagnetic properties of the Triangle, natural causes, or UFO’s

  • Theories Of The Bermuda Triangle

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    There are evidently many interesting theories concerning the Bermuda triangle as mentioned before. A rational theory would have to be the classic human error. It would appear safe to suggest that many of the strange occurrences concerning the so called “Devils triangle” would be miscalculation of human information. Throughout time it has appeared that most accidents have indeed occurred because of human error. For example, one case of human error would have to be the loss of a sailing yacht called

  • Bermuda Triangle Conspiracy

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    The History of the Bermuda Triangle Have you ever heard about the Devil's Mystery? Modern Scientists describe this evil mystery as the most anonymous event on earth. However, You may be wondering now what am I actually talking about, well it’s the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle has been an undiscovered mystery for about many centuries. In fact, it is the goal of many scientists to understand the anonymous theory or myth behind the Mystery of the Bermuda. Apparently, the search behind the

  • The Triangle Of Death: The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle

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    The Triangle of Death, The Limbo of the Lost, The Twilight Zone, The Port of Missing Ships, The Devil’s Triangle, The Hoodoo Sea, The Deadly Triangle. These and many more are names for the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle has been a huge mystery to many since the early 1900's. The Triangle is an area located in the western Atlantic Ocean, where supposedly many ships, people, planes, and other objects disappear unexplainably. The three points of location that connect the triangle are

  • The Urmuda Triangle: An Overview Of The Bermuda Triangle

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    The Bermuda Triangle (the Devil’s Triangle), is a stretch of the Atlantic Ocean bordered by a line from Florida, to the islands of Bermuda, to Puerto Rico and then back to Florida. It is well known for all the mysterious things that happen within it. It got its name from a news article written by VIncent H. Gaddis in 1964. He claimed that in that part of the Atlantic ocean, a large amount of ships and planes have went missing without any explanation. He wasn’t the first to claim something about that

  • The Bermuda Triangle or The Devil’s Triangle

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    The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is the cause of many unexplained disappearances that happened within its boundary. One of the many mysteries of the triangle is Flight 19. Five Avenger planes vanished without even a single trace. What happened to Flight 19, did aliens actually abduct the planes? Or is there another explanation as to how they disappeared? The Bermuda Triangle is situated in the Atlantic Ocean. It is formed by an imaginary line that forms a triangle. The points

  • Bermuda Triangle Conspiracy

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    Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. It normal to say that airplanes and ships vanished when something malfunction or natural disasters. However, it doesn’t seem typical when ships and airplanes get lost without a trace. Many theories have been proposed regarding the mysterious place known as the Bermuda Triangle. The name “Bermuda Triangle” was in an article in 1964 by Vincent H. Gaddis about the sea with numerous ships and planes disappeared without reasons. It is also called the Devil’s Triangle because