The Bermuda Triangle

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Mysterious lights, unusual fog and mist, malfunctioning electrical equipment, and the disappearance of ships and planes are only some of the phenomena that has occurred in the western Atlantic Ocean. It was not until the 1960’s when a journalist started to look into the numerous unexplained happenings in this area which received the name the Bermuda Triangle (Duffield). No one knows why this phenomenon happens, but there are theories out there that just might explain what goes on in the Bermuda Triangle.
The Bermuda Triangle is an area of water in the Atlantic Ocean that connects Miami, Florida, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the Bermuda Islands together and makes a triangle shape (What is the Bermuda Triangle). Even though it is just part of the Atlantic Ocean, the Bermuda Triangle has been known to cause problems transportation wise throughout the years (What is the Bermuda Triangle). There have been many different accounts of boats and planes disappearing once they enter the Bermuda Triangle (What is the Bermuda Triangle).
The most famous disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle was Flight 19 (What is the Bermuda Triangle). Flight 19 consisted of five single-engine Torpedo Bombing aircrafts (What is the Bermuda Triangle). The pilot in charge was a man by the name of Lt. Charles C. Taylor (What is the Bermuda Triangle). Lt. Taylor had over 1000 hours of flight time, so some might say he was a well experienced pilot (What is the Bermuda Triangle). The other four pilots had about 350-400 hours of flight time each (What is the Bermuda Triangle). Flight 19 was practicing low-level bombing techniques that day, and then was instructed to come back home (What is the Bermuda Triangle). Once they had finished practicing for the day, they ...

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...ngle that causes boats to sink, and planes to fall out of the sky (Sawyer)? We might know in the future, but for right now the Bermuda Triangle will remain an unsolved mystery to mankind (Sawyer).

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