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  • The History of the Hudson Bay Company

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    World was a major factor in generating handsome profits, and there is no other pelt exchanging business enterprise like the Hudson's Bay Company. It is the oldest venture of Canada and it inspired many by its domination in the fur trading industry during its early years. They equipped their own armies, minted its own coins and even issued its own medals. The company had controlled fully one-third of present-day Canadian territory and were thought by many as a kingdom by itself in the fur industry

  • Hudson's Bay Company Mission Statement

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    When one recalls numerous companies in North America, an endless list of organizations can be compiled, ranging from recent start-ups to historic organizations. Last year, I had an opportunity to gain knowledge in the corporate business field from the most historic company in North America. Hudson’s Bay Company(HBC), a department store retailer focusing on fashion apparel, accessories and home products, which was incorporated in 1670 and has ninety locations in Canada. This paper will explore HBC’s

  • Hudson Bay Company in Canada: From Mercantilism to Corporatism

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    path of this transition by assessing the path dependency of the oldest corporation in Canada. Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) was founded in the late 17th century. It was largely a fur trading operation through the idea of monopoly. HBC was founded upon the principles of Mercantilism with the guidance of British ideologies. As Canada transitioned towards an independent and self-sustaining state, companies such as HBC transitioned their company’s ideologies accordingly. This paper will focus on how HBC has

  • Green Bay Packers: Indian Packing Company

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    The Green Bay Packers were born on August 11, 1919 on the second floor of the old Green Bay Press Gazette building. On August 13 it was established that the Indian Packing Co. would sponsor a football team. They named it the “Packers”. Their games were to be held at Hagemeister Park. The team limit was 38 people altho they only had 20 full uniforms. Most of the team players were from East and West Green Bay high schools. Curly Lambeau was elected team captain and George Calhoun was manager or what

  • THe beginning of Seattle history

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    extension industries in the development of what is now our nations largest port city. I. The early industry: The laborers who sat idle during the fur trading off-season were of great concern to George Simpson, resident governor of the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1821. As he sat in his newly transferred building situated on the north bank of the Columbia River, he noticed the commanding view, in which he saw endless stands of thick timber. By order of Simpson, command of the new post, Fort Vancouver

  • The NWMP: Development of Early Canadian Law Enforcement

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    (NWMP), predecessors of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) were created by the government of John A. MacDonald to police the prairies. Prior to the development of the NWMP, the only form of law enforcement came from employees of the Hudson Bay Company who had established their own penal code. The purpose of the NWMP was "to protect the ‘Indians’ from Americans and to bring the Queen’s justice to a lawless, dangerous territory" (Johnson & Griffiths: 1991, 30). However, some people contend that

  • City of Boston

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    The City of Boston Boston is the capital and largest city of Massachusetts. It was established in 1630 by John Winthrop of the Massachusetts Bay Company. No city in the United States is as blessed as Boston when it comes to historical sites. All of the sites that I will describe to you are a part of the Freedom Trail. Anyone interested in traveling to Boston for the first time should check out the Freedom Trail. One of the most important historical sites in Boston is the Paul Revere House on 19

  • Do Corporations need regulations?

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    good. But over the time, people forgot that corporations are starting to get so powerful and that they need to be strongly controlled. Also, corporations began to gain more power than the wealthy elite. Corporations like the East India Company and the Hudson Bay Company had been the rulers of America. So when the constitution was written, corporations were left out of the Constitution. From the past, corporations had been looking for a way to control state regulation and taxation. They did, by being

  • A Model of Christian Charity

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    In 1630, the Massachusetts Bay Company set sail to the New World in hope of reforming the Church of England. While crossing the Atlantic, John Winthrop, the puritan leader of the great migration, delivered perhaps the most famous sermon aboard the Arbella, entitled “A Model of Christian Charity.” Winthrop’s sermon gave hope to puritan immigrants to reform the Church of England and set an example for future immigrants. The Puritan’s was a goal to get rid of the offensive features that Catholicism

  • The Red River Settlement

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    economy was built around the Hudson Bay Company. The settlement was split into two major groupings: The French speaking and predominate Roman Catholic Metis and the English speaking and predominate Protestant “country born”. The Earl of Selkirk, Thomas Douglas, bought the Hudson Bay Company in 1811 and was able to get a grant of land for 300 000km2. The Earl called this settlement Aissinidoia. The Earl hoped his settlement would attract some former Hudson Bay Company employees. He hoped the settlement

  • John Winthrop: The Massachusetts Bay Company

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    John Winthrop By: Cooper Youngblood In 1629, The Massachusetts Bay Company was granted a royal charter. Winthrop joined the company and pledged to sell his English estate and take his family to Massachusetts if the company government and charter were also transferred to America. The members agreed to these terms and elected him governor. In Winthrop's primary source of “city upon a Hill,” 1630, he states,”Now the onely way to avoyde this shipwracke, and to provide for our posterity, is to followe

  • Discuss The Goals Of The Massachusetts Bay Company

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    Chapter 2 Review Questions Outline the goals of the directors of the Virginia Company and the leaders of the Massachusetts Bay Company. Where did they succeed? In what ways did they fall short? Virginia: Pg. 51 The main goal for the Virginia Company was to trade with the native population. They wanted anything that would result in profit. In 1607, male traders who weren’t farmers or ministers were to obtain food, ship exotic crops, gold, and Indian items to England. Many men went searching for

  • The History of the Metis

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    Union of the Hudson's Bay Company and the North West Company in 1821, trading had been reorganized in order to reduce expenses. Since there was no longer competition in the fur trade, it was unnecessary to have two or more posts serving a single trading district. For this reason, some posts had been closed and the number of brigades reduced. This reorganization had led to some unemployment amoung Metis who for years had been working in the fur trade. The Hudson Bay Company had attempted to

  • Louis Riel

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    He was an well-educated young man fluent in both French and English. He was also selected as the Metis’s spokesman to negotiate with the Canadian government. During the 1869-70, he led the rebel when Canada purchases Manitoba from the Hudson’s bay company. Also, he organized and led a similar rebellion in 1885. Above all, is he a patriote or a traitor? It was inappropriate to accuse Riel as a traitor. He tried to defend the traditional rights of Metis and made sure they treated as equally as the

  • How Successful Was The Hudson Bay Company

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    discoveries had been delayed due to the Hudson Bay Company’s choice to prioritise trade. This essay will assess the importance of the Hudson’s Bay Company in determining the success of Knight, Middleton, Moor and Smith,

  • Metis' Struggle for Self Identification

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    Metis' Struggle for Self Identification One of the most contentious issues in Canada’s history is that of the Metis. Some people feel this unique group of people does not deserve any sort of recognition, whereas others believe their unique history and culture is something to be recognized and cherished. The history of the Metis people is filled with struggle; not only struggles against other powers, but also a struggle for self-identification. Despite strong opposition, the Metis people of Canada

  • Marketing In The Land Of Hudson Bay Summary

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    Hudson’s Bay Company was in the business of trading European goods for furs with native Indians. Although it was a simple exchange of one good for other, it showed interesting patterns in terms of consumer behavior. The transaction also involved a series of marketing decisions on part of the Company in terms of which good to produce more, the price to be set for the goods, etc. This was primarily evident from the fact that the data on actual purchases which has been retrieved from the company archives

  • Women In the Fur Trade

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    illuminate how Native women played the role as important producers when it comes to fur trade of the American Plains and, of course, the Canadian region. This paper will also deal with the two important company's namely the North West and Hudson's Bay Company and tell how each functioned during the time of fur trade. The term “fur traders” is the term often used to described anyone who was interested in the traffic of furs. The traditional picture has been that of a male in buckskin shirt and a raccoon

  • Joseph Howse in Search of Glory and Gold in the New World

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    these desperate attempts to forage a better life or to discover extravagant riches, history has shown that some men aspired to nobler ends. Howse was a capable bookkeeper, inland trader and an avid explorer for the Hudson’s Bay Company, who is accredited with being the first company trader to cross the Continental Divide. ... ... middle of paper ... ... every oppressed young man in Britain. In Rupert’s Land, Howse found fame and fortune; he found a pass through the Rocky Mountains; he found a wife;

  • The Red River Rebellion

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    occurred in the Red River Settlement that had caused problems and hostility among the inhabitants to emerge such as:the arrival of Canadians to the settlement, the economic problems and the decline of the Hudson Bay Company. However, the Red River Rebellion was sparked by the Hudson Bay Company selling Rupert’s Land to the new Dominion of Canada without consulting with the inhabitants nor paying any regards to their interests.The colonists of the Red River Settlement, many of whom were Metis, feared