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Chapter 2 Review Questions Outline the goals of the directors of the Virginia Company and the leaders of the Massachusetts Bay Company. Where did they succeed? In what ways did they fall short? Virginia: Pg. 51 The main goal for the Virginia Company was to trade with the native population. They wanted anything that would result in profit. In 1607, male traders who weren’t farmers or ministers were to obtain food, ship exotic crops, gold, and Indian items to England. Many men went searching for gold to gain profit, although they failed to find any. Powhatan, the Paramount Chief saw the English traders as possible allies to gain goods. John Rolfe, a colonist who imported tobacco seeds from the West Indies and produced them caused a migration of thousands of English settlers. To promote more settlers, the Virginia Company allowed them to own land. They also adopted self- government, using a system called a “greate Charter.” The migrants may have succeeded in business, but they fell short on necessities. Since they settled in a swampy peninsula, there was a very …show more content…

John Winthrop, the first governor of Massachusetts Bay, lead 900 migrant to the new world because he stated how England was “overburdened with people.” Winthrop and his associates governed this colony by transforming their joint-stock corporation into a political system. The Puritans visualized a reformed Christian society in New England. The Massachusetts Bay established Puritanism as its main religion. The leaders of the Massachusetts Bay and Connecticut gave land to proprietors, and then gave out land to male settlers. The Massachusetts Bay allowed most men whether or not they were rich or poor, to have a vote in town meetings. The Puritans of Massachusetts Bay looked to imitate the simplicity of the first Christians by believing in predestination. As a result, about 10,000 people migrated to this colony over the next

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