Pros And Cons Of Baking Soda Face Mask

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Article 6 baking soda face mask
Suggested Title: Should you be using a baking soda face mask?
Suggested Title: Baking soda: Skin Friend or Foe?
Suggested Title: Will a baking soda face mask be right for you?

No other natural ingredient manages to elicit passionate responses from both sides of the fence as baking soda does. Yes, there are proponents and opponents of the natural approach to skin care as there are of using chemical products on the face. But, the argument over the benefit and side effects of using baking soda are in a totally different and higher realm.
There are those who claim that baking soda had a profound impact on their life because it turned out to be the miracle acne cure they were looking for. Then, there are others who
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For a regular Jane, who is looking for a good DIY recipe that is both effective and easy on the pocket, the argument can be utterly baffling. So, which side should you be on? Read to find out…
Baking Soda: Savior or Killer?
For an impartial verdict, you need to weigh the explanations from both sides. Those who are in favor of using baking soda recommend it primarily as a cleanser and exfoliant. Their reasons are simple- the particles of soda bicarbonate are nice and round hence gentler on the skin than other natural exfoliating particles and the foaming action or baking soda literally lifts the dirt from the skin and the pores.
Those against the use of baking soda shun it due to its alkaline nature. Their reasoning is simple- the alkaline baking soda harms the skin’s acid mantel. This is the protective barrier on the skin that is composed of sweat, amino acids, lactic acids and more.
This shield keeps environmental factors and pollutants away from your skin cells. Remove this barrier and your skin starts losing water rapidly, plus it becomes susceptible to bacterial attacks. In essence, what they are saying is that baking soda will cause skin dryness and acne, but people who use it claim that they experienced the exact opposite effect. So, who is to be believed
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This facemask is really easy to make. You simply combine chickpea flour with turmeric and baking soda and add honey and lemon juice to it. Finally, mix in raw milk. Use cold milk if possible and mix the ingredients well to form a smooth paste. Chickpea flour does have the propensity to form lumps, so you will really need to put that spoon to work.
Right after you have cleansed your face with cold or tepid water and your regular cleanser, pat your skin dry and apply the mask with a brush. Avoid the area around your eyes and the eyebrows. Keep the mask on for 15 minutes and then wash off with warm water. Moisturize while your skin is still damp.
Now, a lot of trouble after a face mask treatment starts because people feel the need to over- moisturize their freshly cleaned skin. Don’t do this. In fact, if your regular moisturizer is too rich, invest in a light moisturizer or skin oil which can be exclusively used after the face mask treatment and wait for 6-8 hours before going to your regular moisturizer.
Do not use this mask more than once a week and do not use within 12 hours of using a retinol or salicylic acid
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