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  • The Bahamas

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    The Bahamas The Bahamas is full of a vast array of inimitable little islands, populated by the laid back people of the Caribbean. Great Exuma is one of these, a place of warm tranquillity and relaxation, a place where peace can be found. A minute number of people inhabit the 90 mile stretch of land where you will find an amazing variety of wildlife. The majority of untouched island is covered by jungle-like surroundings known as the mangrove, its inhabitants being deadly

  • The Bahamas: The Economy Of The Bahamas

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    The Bahamas is a tropical place that has unspoiled wilderness and crystal clear oceans with a laid back, carefree attitude of the locals. The Bahamas is an independent nation with a constitutional parliamentary democracy, public and private schools. The economy of the Bahamas consists of major industries, exports, imports such as financial services as well as a prime tourist spot. The Bahamas is known for some of the most amazing beaches that are known around the world. The Bahamas have a unique

  • Bahamas

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    Do you really know where Christopher Columbus landed? The Bahamas are a colorful country with an interesting lifestyle, friendly people, rich and important history, mild geography, and mix of ancient and modern society. Society The economy of the Bahamas is heavily reliant on tourism. Tourism is important because it employs 60% of the work force and 70% of the economy. Its main attraction is the white sandy beaches and close proximity to the United States. The temperature is also warm all year

  • The Bahamas

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    The Bahamas - Consular Information Sheet COUNTRY DESCRIPTION: The Bahamas is a country of many islands and has a developing economy. Tourist facilities are widely available on the main islands. ENTRY/EXIT REQUIREMENTS: Visas are not required for U.S. citizens for stays up to eight months; however, U.S. citizens must carry original documentation proving U.S. citizenship (a valid or expired passport, a certified U.S. birth certificate or a Certificate of Naturalization), photo identification

  • The Bahamas: The Travels Of Tourism In The Bahamas

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    Bahamas I have decided to do my research paper on the Bahamas. The Bahamas have always amazed me when I watch the commercials on TV. This summer I will be going to Atlantis in the Bahamas and I’m very excited to be able to visit there. I thought that the Bahamas would be perfect for my paper for the fact that when I do go down there I will know a lot more about the physical and human area’s of geography there. The first part of my research was over the population. The population in the Bahamas is

  • Bahamas

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    the colorful streaks in the sky remained vivid for another half-hour. I have never seen a magnificent sunset like this ever before. I have seen many beautiful places, but none have made as profound an impression on me as that little island in the Bahamas. If it were possible I would go on vacation here every chance I got. But I will definitely come here with my own family in the years to come.

  • Freeport, Bahamas

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    Introduction: As I sit here pondering my thoughts of what to write for my I-search paper, that is due in five days, I cannot seem to get my mind off the warm weather. Back in December, I went on a cruise to the Bahamas, man that was the best weather on Earth! We stopped at a city named Freeport, which I knew nothing about. My mind craves the senses of the warm, tropical breeze, the salt water smell, and the smell of the sunscreen that is protecting the tourists on the beach from the scorching

  • Pollution in The Bahamas

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    a major problem in The Bahamas, and worldwide. The Bahamas is a beautiful archipelago consisting of seven hundred islands and cays surrounded by water, and is known for its water, sand and sunny climate (Tourism Today, 2011). The Bahamas is a less developed country and has experience the majority of situations, and snags that more developed countries has face, such as pollution. Pollution in The Bahamas is a very important problem for its affects the citizens of The Bahamas, and the Bahamian waters

  • Pollution in The Bahamas

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    fuels, don’t smoke, do errands at one time, don’t buy products that come in aerosol spray cans, don’t use harsh chemical cleaners that can emit fumes, and inspect your gas appliances and heaters regularly (Enclyopedia - Pollution, 2008). In The Bahamas, there are major sources that contribute to air pollution, such as the burning of the dump, the high numbers of cars letting of exhaust, the numerous cruise ships visiting, the large amount of aerosol products in the homes and the large amount of

  • History of the Bahamas

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    History of the Bahamas The Bahama Islands were discovered on October 12, 1942 by Christopher Columbus. Columbus and his Spanish crew stumbled upon the archipelago while looking for a trade route to the wealth of the West Indies and named is San Salvador. (Craton, pg. 30) The Spanish settlers encountered the native Bahamians, the Lucayans upon thier arrival. The Lucayans were a primitive race of farmers and fisherman that had migrated