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  • Austria

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    Austria Table of Contents Population Culture Tradition Way of Life Vegetation and Animal Life History Religion Arts Language Education Health Government Climate Trade Resources Agriculture Bibliography Austria Austria, a small country in Central Europe famous for its gorgeous mountain scenery. The towering Alps, and the foothills stretch across the western, southern and central parts of the country. Broad green valleys, lovely mirror lakes and thick forest cover a good portion of the land. Austria

  • Austria

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    Austria is a historic country with many deep roots and customs. This report will help US expatriates adjust and transition to life in Austria. Austria is one country, however, people need to understand the differences between eastern and western Austria. The business behavior of people from Vienna is much different than that of people from Vorarlberg. A great idea is to try to speak with a local person before meetings to understand their culture, the people of Austria, and the region. Austria is

  • Gender Equality In Austria

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    Austria boasts its progressive ideas for gender equality. Austria believes that both man and woman are of the same standing in all levels, socially, economically, and politically; the state condemns discrimination based on gender especially that of against women. Austria recognizes the need for a nation to have gender equality and promotes such ideals through the department for Women’s Affairs and Gender Mainstreaming of the Federal Chancellery of Austria. Of which, the department is hugely responsible

  • The Hardships of a Beautiful Country, Austria

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    The country that is Austria has been through many hardships. At the end of World War I, it was separated from Hungary, and in World War II was incorporated into the Third Reich during World War II. Through all of these hardships, Austria has become one of the most prosperous countries in the world. The country’s prosperity can be attributed to its economy, physical geography, and its culture. As one of the most economically stable countries in the world, Austria’s economy is one of the strongest

  • History Of The Current Republic Of Austria

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    Current Republic of Austria is the second one with this name (the "First Republic" was the one after WWI) and started in 1955. Austria is a federal republic with nine federal provinces. These are, from West to East with their capitals:Vorarlberg, Tirol (Tyrol), Salzburg, Upper Austria (Oberösterreich),Carinthia (Kärnten), Lower Austria (Niederösterreich), Wien (Vienna), Styria(Steiermark ) the Burgenland Austria’s main advantages are its economic, political and labour stability, its highly skilled workforce

  • Evaluating the Economy of Austria

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    Evaluating the Economy of Austria In 1995 Austria joined the European Union (EU), and in 1999 they joined the European Monetary Union. The use of a common currency the “Euro” has facilitated trade and promoted economic stability for U.S. companies to manage pricing, balance accounts, and move products into Austria and throughout the EU member nations (“globaledge”, 2003). An unfavorable exchange rate for U.S. exporters turned positive in 2003 making the U.S. able to compete on more favorable terms

  • Austria And Prussia 1815 - 1850

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    How did the relationship between Austria and Prussia develop after 1815 and before 1850? The relationship between Austria and Prussia developed a lot during the era of economic wealth, revolution and war. Many governments were restored in Europe (after the defeating Napoleon). Legitimate monarchy was set up meaning the hereditary ruling families would be restored to their old thrones. This was agreed partly because it was seen as a more stable and suitable system suited to peace. Also Metternich

  • Italy and Austria: Masculinity, Uncertainty Avoidance and Pragmatism

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    When comparing Italy with Austria there are not that many differences in Hofstede’s Dimensions. Both countries have similar high rates in masculinity, uncertainty avoidance and pragmatism. Austria and Italy are considered masculine societies, which mean that both societies are highly career and success oriented and competition is an important matter. The possession of certain status symbols, which also get compared amongst colleagues or neighbors, expresses this. The high scores in Uncertainty Avoidance

  • Austria: History of the Country and Catholocism

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    The country of Austria is a landlocked country located in central Europe, just north of Italy and Slovenia. Austria also borders Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein. In comparison to the United States, Austria is about the size of Maine at 83,870 square kilometers. The terrain includes mountains, or the Alps, in the South and West, and flat land in the North and East (“Austria”). Mountains cover about three-fourths of the country. Austria is also known for its

  • Last Night in Salzburg, Austria

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    the sails of a ship setting off into the night. Lying in bed, I hear the buzz of a scooter whizzing through the streets, ironically followed by the rhythmic clip-clop of horseshoes meeting the cobblestone streets. It is our last night in Salzburg, Austria, and that moment embodies what makes this city appeal to me so much. Somehow, in the midst of the chaos of the twenty-first century, Salzburg has preserved many remnants of its past while still keeping up with the times in many other ways. Pondering