Strategy Comparison Between Zotter Schokolade and Wiener Schokolade König

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The aim of this report is to present and critically estimate the market strategies of an international and a local chocolate manufacturer in Austria. The analysis is carried out in three stages – macro-environment (PEST analysis), micro-environment (Porter’s Five Forces Model) and company comparison (SWOT analysis). In the end, recommendations are given for the local brand Wiener Schokolade König. Zotter Schokoladen Manufaktur GmbH was founded in 1987 as a family business by Joseph and Ulrike Zotter. In 1994, the company almost went bankrupt which forced it to change its strategy. A new product range was introduced and Joseph Zotter decided to convert the entire range to FAIRTRADE and organic production. In 2007, the manufactory was extended to accommodate bean-to-bar production. “Chocolate tourism” was also developed by Zotter – in 2007 the Chocolate Theatre was opened for visitors followed by the Edible Zoo in 2011 and the Open-Air Cinema in 2013. Firstly, Zotter expanded only to other cities in Austria – Essen, Innsbruck and Salzburg. Then, in 2013 Zotter entered the Chinese market by opening a Choco-Shop Theatre in Shanghai. In 2012 Zotter ranked among the top 8 chocolate makers in the world. The brand also received numerous awards , among which Trigos Prize for Corporate Social Responsibility and certification as a Climate Alliance Partner and European Business Awards finalist in the Sustainability category. Wiener Schokoladen Manufaktur Leschanz GmbH was founded in 1995 by Wolfgang Leschanz in a historic shop in the city center of Vienna. The confectionery is proud of its original historic atmosphere and high-quality handmade assortment. The brand has a great number of prominent customers, among which Austrian Federal... ... middle of paper ... ...che Nationalbank: Import duty & taxes for importing Chocolate: OECD Better Life Index: Strategic Management, Herschey’s: Wiener Schokolade König website: Zotter Awards: Zotter ranks among the 8 best chocolate manufacturers worldwide: Zotter’s website: 2014 Index of Economic Freedom – Austria:

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