Hofstede The Difference Between Austria And Italy

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When comparing Italy with Austria there are not that many differences in Hofstede’s Dimensions. Both countries have similar high rates in masculinity, uncertainty avoidance and pragmatism.
Austria and Italy are considered masculine societies, which mean that both societies are highly career and success oriented and competition is an important matter. The possession of certain status symbols, which also get compared amongst colleagues or neighbors, expresses this.
The high scores in Uncertainty Avoidance index means that both societies do not feel comfortable in unknown situations or towards unknown things. Contracts or other official papers include many clauses and are written quiet formal. In business, Italians follow strict planning, which …show more content…

The pragmatism dimension describes “how people in the past as well as today relate to the fact that so much that happens around us cannot be explained”. In societies with a normative orientation, people want to explain as much as possible. Both countries are considered pragmatic cultures. In these societies people believe that truth depends basically on the context, situation and time. They have an ability to adapt traditions to change conditions. They are frugal and with propensity to save and invest. They are perseverant and focus on achieving results.
The principal differences between Austria and Italy are in Power Distance, Individualism and Indulgence scores.
Austria has a lower score on Power Distance than Italy, indicating a less hierarchical business structure with a strong participative communication style. Many things are done equally in both countries especially looking at the northern parts of Italy compared to Austria. One main mismatch still exists. This is the way of talking and expressing things. Austrians are more introverted and speak formally and strict about the business topics. Italians on the other hand, gesture a lot and put many emotions in the way of talking and the topics they address. People doing business in the other country should be aware of this

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