Gender Equality In Austria

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Austria boasts its progressive ideas for gender equality. Austria believes that both man and woman are of the same standing in all levels, socially, economically, and politically; the state condemns discrimination based on gender especially that of against women. Austria recognizes the need for a nation to have gender equality and promotes such ideals through the department for Women’s Affairs and Gender Mainstreaming of the Federal Chancellery of Austria. Of which, the department is hugely responsible for the effectively guiding Austria’s adopted policy of using gender budgeting as a course of action to address such needs along with several other specialized ad hoc bodies embedded in different state organs of Austria. With guidance from the United Nations and the European Union, Austria has adopted international resolutions covering women’s right aside from implementing policies of its own. In 1988, the Austrian Constitution Act was amended to enshrine the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) passed by the United Nations General Assembly...

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