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    Athletic Training Athletic training would be a great career if you want a job around sports. Athletic trainers help prescribe and take care of sports related injuries. They are the person that runs out on the field or court when somebody gets hurt. They are around the games and practices almost as much as the coaches are. They take care of wrapping ankles and making sure everybody on the team is able to play at the best of their ability. When researching the career of athletic career

  • Athletic Training Education Program

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    Athletic Training Education Program To achieve a degree in Athletic Training, there are many tasks and skills to be learned. The Education Council under the National Athletic Training Association put together an education program filled with a set of guidelines of what has to be taught to graduate with a degree in Athletic Training. Before you can learn and understand Athletic Training, you must know the Anatomy and Physiology of the human body. This includes bones, muscles, levels of organization

  • Athletic Training Research Paper

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    Athletic trainers help athletes recover from injuries and also help prevent further injuries. They have the opportunity to get athletes get in action and playing their sport again. If at a high level, athletic trainers have a good chance of working with professional athletes and getting paid more. This career has a good opportunity to help famous athletes recover and maybe be known by people. Athletic trainers do mostly the same things everyday. This quote says, “Athletic trainers apply protective

  • Athletic Training

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    The field of Athletic Training evolving over the past 100 years By: DeCima Deadmon Foundation of Physical Education and Sport SSPE 301 Mr. Hammond Chowan University April 2, 2014 Introduction Some would agree that the field of Athletic Training has not changed over the past hundreds years while others would say that it has changed over time. People have said that it has changed over time because we have more studies, and technology is more advanced than what it was now from in the

  • Athletic Training

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    satisfy my curiosity and gain a broad understanding of athletic training, I chose to interview my boss, Pete Stevens. Pete is employed by Physiotherapy Associates, a nationwide corporation that specializes in physical/occupational therapy, athletic training, and fitness/sports training. He has worked there for three years. He is currently the Head Athletic Trainer for The Arizona Rattlers. Pete received his undergraduate degree in Athletic Training at Boise State University in Idaho, followed by a

  • Athletic Training

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    Athletic Training Definition of an Athletic Trainer An Athletic trainer can work for high schools, colleges, universities, and also for professional sports teams. Athletic Trainers prevent, examine, and treat injuries of athletes. Before and after games and practices they also treat minor injuries such as wrapping bandages around sprang ankles or wrists or spray an antiseptic on an knee that has an abrasion. Trainers do not work alone, they work with the team coaches, physicians, and the equipment

  • Annotated Bibliography: Athletic Training

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    Bibliography O’Brien, Vincent. “Athletic Training.” Career information. Wellness consumer Health Information, 8 Aug. 2014. Web. 19 Nov. 2015. O’Brien’s article explains an overview of athletic training and different environments that are offered in this field. Athletic trainers are people who help to prevent sports related injuries. High schools, Colleges, Sports Medicine Clinics, and Professional Teams are all places that you may see an athletic trainer working. Being an Athletic Trainer for a high school

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    What is Athletic training, and what could someone do with an athletic training degree? Athletic training is a unique field because it requires a strong mental and physical ability. These trainers go by many different titles such as: physician extender, wellness manager, rehab specialist, etc. Many trainers do not work under anyone, as they have their own office outside of the athletic setting. However, these trainer also work in many other places, such as: universities, hospitals and clinics, professional

  • Athletic Trainers: A Career In Athletic Training

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    Athletic Trainers What do athletic trainers do? “Athletic training encompasses the prevention, examination, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of emergent, acute or chronic injuries and medical conditions”("College Athletic Trainer") . Athletic trainers help those who get hurt in sports of any athletic activities. Athletic trainers “are highly qualified, multi-skilled healthcare professionals who collaborate with physicians to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis

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    very essential facet in getting a job in the field of athletic training is the types, variety, and a number of certifications you have. It is no longer common for athletic trainers to just get an athletic training bachelor’s degree. With advances in the field currently “nearly 70% of all ATs possess at least a master’s degree” (Mazerolle and Dodge, 2012). Which makes it more essential now than ever that when you enter the field of athletic training, if you want to find success, you should get outside

  • Athletic Training Essay

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    National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA), the definition of athletic training is this. “Athletic training encompasses the prevention, examination, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of emergent, acute or chronic injuries and medical conditions.” In other words, athletic trainers are to work with athletes or nonathletes, and take care of them. They prevent injuries or disease from happening with proper training, care, and nutrition. If a disease of injury is to occur, then athletic trainers

  • A Career in Athletic Training

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    Preventing injuries can benefit an athlete in the long run. Athletic trainers help athletes and physically active people stay healthy for what they do on a daily basis. Athletic Training plays a big role in the world today. Many people are on the go whether it is for sports or every day activities. Athletic Trainers can help with athletes of any age or industrial workers performing physical tasks or even an average citizen in recreational athletics. They help prevent injuries and help recognize injuries

  • Athletic Training Essay

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    Becoming an athletic trainer takes long hours of hard work and practice. When becoming an athletic trainer you need to at least a bachelor degree and must be licensed ( A four year college is best for an athletic trainer, they will need lots of practice and experience with helping people to get their bachelor degree. You must pay extra attention in science and health classes in high school to be prepared for what classes you have to take in college. In college, programs will include lots

  • Athletes, and Sports - Benefits of Supplements in Athletic Training

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    Athletic Benefits of Supplements The Development of drugs and supplements used by mankind has evolved from what it once was in its early stages of existence.  As with all man-made things, it is said that anything made by man can be improved (Moore, p35).  With this concept, almost anything in nature can apply.  In this case, the development of anabolic supplements and the human body.  In the later years, the usage of supplements in sporting events have helped athletes achieve new goals which could

  • Athletic Training Research Paper

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    Athletic Training Have you ever wondered or thought about what the profession of athletic training is or consists of? “An athletic trainer is a healthcare worker who diagnoses and treats people who have sustained injuries to muscles and bones. His or her patients are usually athletes but others may seek treatment as well. An athletic trainer works under the direction of a physician and also teaches people how to prevent injuries” (“Athletic Trainer”). Athletic Training has a promising outlook with

  • Athletic Training Research Paper

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    popularity is athletic training. Not to be confused with personal trainers, athletic trainers help athletes prevent, diagnose injuries, as well as provide emergency and first aid care to injured athletes (Athletic Training). Athletic trainers work in multiple settings, working with athletes of many different skill levels and ages. Some common settings you will find athletic trainers include high schools, colleges, professional sports teams, health clinics, and the military (Job Settings). Athletic trainers

  • Women in Athletic Training Profession

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    For so long, the Athletic Training profession has been dominated by men. In the article “Women in Athletic Training”, the author Marcia K. Anderson does a study that describes what the pioneer women of athletic training had to go through during a time of male dominance. Women entered the athletic training realm as the underlings and weren’t respected as athletic trainers. “The purpose of the study was to describe, from their perspectives, the early experiences of women . . .,” (Anderson 42) rather

  • Athletic Training Research Paper

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    Athletic Training Certified Athletic Trainers are highly qualified health professionals who are trained in preventing, recognizing, managing and rehabilitating injuries that result from physical activity. Athletic Trainers can help you avoid unnecessary doctor visits and disruption to your normal daily life of working out and playing. Athletic Training first emerged during the 20th century at Olympic Games. The history of athletic training draws on the disciplines of exercise, medicine, physical

  • Ethical Issues in Athletic Training

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    going into athletic training where many ethical dilemmas will surround the health or actions dealing with athletes. Here are three different scenarios I could face as an athletic trainer and how I would resolve each ethical issue. The state championships in basketball are coming up and the boys’ team has a chance at taking state. The star of the team is a senior, he is at the start of his career and is looking to sign with the university in the neighboring town. He comes to you, as his athletic trainer

  • Exploring the Field of Athletic Training: A Comprehensive Overview

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    happened , this Athletic training is a job when considering a career in improving someone destabilization should know what they need to have and the information these area's someone will learn in this research paper , history , requirements , classes, salary , job availability , and work facilities . The national athletic trainers are the professional membership association for certified athletic trainer, founded in 1950 it has grown more than 43,000 members worldwide today. Athletic training has recognized