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What is Athletic training, and what could someone do with an athletic training degree? Athletic training is a unique field because it requires a strong mental and physical ability. These trainers go by many different titles such as: physician extender, wellness manager, rehab specialist, etc. Many trainers do not work under anyone, as they have their own office outside of the athletic setting. However, these trainer also work in many other places, such as: universities, hospitals and clinics, professional sports fields, military bases, etc. With a degree in this field, one might want, for example, to work in a hospital or clinic, as stated above. What would he/she be responsible for in this particular setting? A trainer working in a hospital would try to ease the pain of the injury and help move the patient through the process of the treatment. There is a huge diversity of sports in all parts of the world. Some of the major ones, just in the United States, are baseball, soccer, basketball, and football. In my opinion, I think that football is the sport that causes the most injuries. Though these injuries will happen, it does not matter the sport. The demand for most jobs requiring this degree is very high. As of today, the median salary is around forty to forty-five thousand dollars annually. Also, the rate of employment is slowly rising. From now up to ten years, the rate of employment is supposed to rise at least nineteen percent. According to the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA), there are at least six schools in the state of Alabama that provide certified programs to get you on the right track in order to become a trainer. After you attend a college with the certified program for four years, and graduate w... ... middle of paper ... to stand on the field with the players at all times and watch the game closer than anybody. The team usually provides a meal before and after the game. This job has other benefits also. When a trainer or group of trainers spend much time working with one particular athlete, and that athlete's performance improves, it assures them that they are doing something right. Personally, I think anyone that is mentally and physically capable should be able to go through with this occupation. It has a good employment rate and a nice salary. For those who don’t want to be stuck in an office all day, I think that this would be a great choice It seems like it has its highs points and its low points, but I think that it is worth it. After all, you are not only helping others and keeping them in shape, but you are also staying active and helping to keep yourself in shape too.
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