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  • Essay On The Role Of An Athletic Director

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    the development of life skills, such as social and mental maturity for a student-athlete can be fostered through the involvement in organized interscholastic athletics (Trottier, 2014). Through participating in organized sports, these student-athletes may gain a distinctive benefit in their ability

  • athletic director

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    administration and management of the university intercollegiate athletics program; and performing other related duties as assigned. Essential Functions Submits recommendations and supporting documentation to the President, Athletic Advisory Committee, and Tennessee Board of Regents as necessary to make decisions regarding goals, academics, capital expansion, staffing, budget appropriations, and other aspects of intercollegiate athletics; implements and communicates directives, including maintenance

  • Pros And Cons Of Being An Athletic Director

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    One position in sport that has always caught my attention is being an athletic director. The reason why is that ever since high school, I have known that being an athletic director means that you are in charge of the athletic department. I will introduce four articles that will talk about not only the responsibilities of being an athletic director, but will show you some problems you may face being an athletic director. I will briefly introduce each article then in the analysis section I will discuss

  • Essay On The Pros And Cons Of A Career As An Athletic Director

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    Athletic Director Description- Schedules all athletic contests and scholastic bowl matches, practice times and locations for elementary, middle, and high schools. Collaborates with the maintenance department to ensure that athletic grounds and facilities are properly maintained. Serves as the primary school division decision-maker for all athletic events. Collaborates with the community and school booster organizations to ensure that morale and support for athletics is high at all times. Purchases

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    The athletic director position is not an easy job. Sometimes their schedules last from seven in the morning to midnight. Depending what was planned throughout the day. Being an athletic director at the high school level or at the collegiate level the job is demanding and time consuming. A lot is effort is put into every task that there is needed to complete. From making sure the football team has a correct schedule for their season to making sure there is no violations that is occurring within the

  • Why I Want To Be An Athletic Director

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    The career path I want to take is to be an athletic director at a high school, and coach high school football. I decided to take this path with my life because I feel its stress free and I can handle the work. Being an athletic director requires a lot of things like bachelor’s degree and being able to work with teenagers and children. I was also inspired by Coach Carr and what he has done at Edgewood Academy by building championship programs and turning boys into men. The questions I ask myself are

  • Essay On Athletic Director

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    Two In One Athletic Directors Ashley Prince Sam Houston State University One of the main reasons as to why I want to be an athletic director is to be more connected with not only the athletes but the coaches and parents as well. Growing up being the oldest I have always had to be the more mature person and had to be a role model for my sister. With that I had to grow leadership skills and that is the biggest role of an athletic director. First I’ll start off with what I think it means

  • Essay On Athletic Director

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    The profession that I want to pursue is a High School Athletic Director. Growing up, I have always had a love and passion for sports and why not get a job involving something that you love. I grew up watching sports such as basketball, football, baseball, track and field, and soccer with my dad and he taught me the rules of the games and how to be successful in each sport. I played basketball and soccer growing up and in high school I became captains of my teams and enjoyed every moment of it. As

  • Athletic Director Essay

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    1. What is the role of an athletic administrator in educational athletics? An athletic director leads their program by putting the best interest of the student athletes first. They lead the program by creating a vision of success and then empowering others to reach this goal, while maintaining high standards of integrity and character (“National Interscholastic…LTC 501”, 2011, p. 7). Athletic directors function in both the vision casting and the management roles as he or she “organizes, directs,

  • Essay On Athletic Director

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    Owens once stated, “We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.” Athletic Directors run the business, it is their duty to keep everything running correctly and maintaining upkeep throughout their work environment. Athletic Directors can make or break a facility, many skills are needed to be successful in this job area. Being able to be organized, work under pressure, and communicate with others are

  • Athletic Director Essay

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    Being an athletic director seems like an amazing job because of the interaction with people and being around athletics. A lot of kids are involved in at least one sport, if not more, during their life time. Being an athletic director would give the opportunities for the kids to enjoy the sport or sports they are in by having an organized program and making it a good experience for them. An athletic director’s job is very important, they make sure every thing is in tact and organized. They make the

  • Essay On Athletic Director

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    What is an Athletic Director? An Athletic Director is someone who puts time into teaching kids how to play sports properly and safely while teaching the importance of teamwork, how to interact with other with other kids without conflict, and how to have fun, that’s in important role to play in today’s school system. They teach kids that it’s okay to not to win every game as long as they’re having fun is all that matters. They teach kids how to make new friends and to enjoy the sport. Athletic Directors

  • Essay On Athletic Director

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    sports, athletic directors are often overlooked, yet valuable assets to managing events. An athletic director covers several important aspects of an athletic event and is a necessity at any level of organized, school-sponsored amateur sports. The requirements and commitments to enter into this career field are very strenuous and can often times be overbearing. Among other things, the job description can be very intimidating and often involves very specific organizational tasks. Athletic directors at the

  • Essay On Athletic Director

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    these programs lands at the meat of the athletic director at the majority of schools. The role of athletic director varies from school to school and from state to state. Schools can offer just a few sports to dozens of sports, with some AD’s being part-time teachers and head coaches; compared to other AD’s being full-time administrators that do not teach, and have multiple assistant AD’s that also aid them. This analysis will focus on the general athletic director, while also highlighting special cases

  • Essay On Athletic Director

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    Mission: My life mission, as an athletic director, is to strive to develop the “whole” individual person through a well-developed and well-planned interscholastic athletic/fine arts program. This mission is not just for athletes but for our fine arts individuals as well. Some of the traits which can be effectively developed through a good athletic/fine arts program are: courage, loyalty, teamwork, cooperation, dependability, personal discipline, dedication to a task, pride, and the ability to

  • Fiscal Managment and the Athletic Director

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    Fiscal Managment and the Athletic Director Voltmer and Esslinger assert that financial management of an athletic department is one of the most important duties of the physical education administrator. The physical education administrator is responsible for making all decisions dealing with budget, income, expenditures and accounting aspects for all levels of the athletic department (interschool and interscholastic). Efficient financial management is important in any field; however, when dealing

  • Female Leadership Case Study

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    1. Discuss the challenges women face in leadership that may help us understand why there are so few women holding the athletic director position at Division I universities. Women are not new to facing challenges and coming across barriers that limit or stall their progression within organizations and landing leadership opportunities. Women Rising explains to us how persistent gender bias often times disrupts the learning process at the heart of becoming a leader. The research shows that the process

  • Reflection Of My Inquiry Project In The Classroom

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    I selected my inquiry project because my mentor thought that it would be both interesting and one that would show relevant data. My mentor utilizes the method of lectures and then videos to enrich the learners, so this data would also help his teaching. I can certainly see myself utilizing this same strategy, as I see value in lecturing and then playing a video, as that will then enrich the learners understanding of the material. I implemented my inquiry project by using two class periods to do

  • Mandatory Physical Education I

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    true that individuals should not be forced into something they don’t want to participate in, but if these students don’t get any exercise outside of school, where will they receive an appropriate amount of fitness? Paul Eberhardt, athletic director, intramural director and head coach of the McNair Marlins basketball team in Richmond, B.C., believes “that students don’t care about participating in P.E. anymore and we have to educate students on the benefits of Physical Education”. In the 1994-1995

  • Why I Want to be a Teacher

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    in various grades of elementary school. My mother was the special education teacher at one of the two elementary schools in the county while my father had many jobs including English teacher, Librarian, Drama teacher, Assistant Principal, and Athletic Director at the high school. I grew to love having my parents at home on the same day my siblings and I were home. My parents never had to ask for holidays off or hire a babysitter to watch us over the summer, because they were teachers and were usually