Athletic Director Career

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The career path I want to take is to be an athletic director at a high school, and coach high school football. I decided to take this path with my life because I feel its stress free and I can handle the work. Being an athletic director requires a lot of things like bachelor’s degree and being able to work with teenagers and children. I was also inspired by Coach Carr and what he has done at Edgewood Academy by building championship programs and turning boys into men. The questions I ask myself are. How much money can I make, how many years do I want to work in this field, where will I live, how much money will I make in the field of coaching, and the job description? In twenty years I hope to be athletic director of a high school somewhere…show more content…
It's almost very necessary to have been on some sort of team at your high school to learn about the environment you'll be working in. Also volunteering will look good on an athletic directors resume, you could volunteer for the YMCA or umpiring a youth athletic team. You must have a bachelor’s degree in sports management, but a lot of athletic directors don't Start out being an athletic director usually they start as a teacher or a coach to gain some traction in the field. Getting a certification from The National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association is key and it'll show that you are a registered athletic administrator, certified athletic administrator, and a certified master athletic administrator. The top three sports management degrees in the nation. The third best sports management degree in my opinion is the University of North Carolina. The program there prepares students for careers in very competitive settings within the sports world. The course offers training in sociology, sales, economics, and communication, licensing and marketing. The second best sports management degree is the University of Texas. This major prepares students for managerial, marketing or administrative careers in a variety of settings within the sports industry. The number one sports management degree program in my opinion is Temple University. The program at Temple University focuses heavily on internship requirements, in no small part because a degree in this field can be used in so many different sectors of the sports industry. Nobody in life ever said anything was easy, but with hard work it'll come easy. Athletic directors have a very big job to do in inspiring students to be the best and giving them all the tools they need to
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