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1. What is the role of an athletic administrator in educational athletics?
An athletic director leads their program by putting the best interest of the student athletes first. They lead the program by creating a vision of success and then empowering others to reach this goal, while maintaining high standards of integrity and character (“National Interscholastic…LTC 501”, 2011, p. 7). Athletic directors function in both the vision casting and the management roles as he or she “organizes, directs, or promotes” their athletic program (“National Interscholastic…LTC 501”, 2011, p. 7). This includes budgeting, scheduling, and many other tasks. They communicate with students, teachers, coaches, faculty, and the surrounding community, to ensure that …show more content…

Why do you want to become an athletic director?
First, I want to be an athletic director because I love kids. There are so many students who come from broken families who need a steady role model in their life. This is why I went into teaching and coaching, and now am pursuing this degree. I am committed to the growth of the student athletes.
Second, I love sports. Sports have been a part of my life since I could walk. I have developed so many relationships and skills through sports. I want to provide a positive sports environment for young people where they can develop relationships, personal skills, and have …show more content…

There has been a major shift away from “play” in sports and a focus on “winning at all costs”. I want to create a program where we are competitive, but where the student athletes enjoy their experience and learn valuable life lessons so they are prepared for life after high school. I believe by creating an environment where students strive for success while doing things the right way and enjoying the game, the wins and losses will take care of themselves.

2. In the LTC 501 manual (p. 73), you are asked to define “educational athletics.” Drawing on this week’s readings, provide a definition.

Educational athletics means that sports are an extension of the learning process for students beyond the walls of the classroom. Sports, “enhance the learning process” (“National Interscholastic…LTC 501”, 2011, p. 7) while teaching kids life lessons and sportsmanship. Sports are an opportunity for students to grow in maturity.

3. The LTC 502 manual (p. 21) details game management. Put together a document for visiting teams in either a gym or a stadium contest that details what they need to know before, during, and after a contest.

*Baseball Field

Welcome to Our Field

1. Game time is

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