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The profession that I want to pursue is a High School Athletic Director. Growing up, I have always had a love and passion for sports and why not get a job involving something that you love. I grew up watching sports such as basketball, football, baseball, track and field, and soccer with my dad and he taught me the rules of the games and how to be successful in each sport. I played basketball and soccer growing up and in high school I became captains of my teams and enjoyed every moment of it. As a captain and leader on my teams, I had to be a coach on the floor, make sure that my teammates were in best position on the floor to be most successful, and hold them accountable if they were in the wrong on the court. My dad was also a basketball coach on some of my teams that won championships so I had a great mentor on what it takes to be a coach and lead teams to victory. He is a huge inspiration of why I want to become an athletic director. Sports has been a huge part of my life and really what makes me most happy to be involved with. As a result, I believe that I could ultimately be a great athletic director after becoming a coach first and I would enjoy this profession …show more content…

I plan to learn from others by helping coach in youth sports leagues to gain more experience. I also plan to put myself in situations that help improve my business and interpersonal skills. Being involved in these things will help put me in the best position to continue to pursue my profession in addition to my education. In order to become an athletic director, I need my bachelor’s degree and a lot of experience in areas that will help me succeed in the profession such as coaching. In my profession, the more education that you obtain, the more you will separate yourself from others and get closer to mastering your

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