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  • Personal Assessment: The Emotional Assessment/Personality Test

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    The "Emotional Assessment / Personality Test" for this assignment provides significant assistance while attempting to identify my greatest strengths (Condon, 2015). Blind spots exist while internally evaluating my perceptions concerning these strengths. The "Emotional Assessment / Personality Test" is an excellent tool for identifying personal strengths, particularly within the parameters of my demographic profile (Condon, 2015). The assessment evaluates individual 's strengths in six areas and correlates

  • Blacky Test Personality Assessment

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    are many types of personality assessments to help the examiner to test the personality. The personality test/assessment can help access individuals to know more about their personality. The assessments also can be applied in clinical psychology, career counselling, school setting, survey and others form of setting. Our group is analysing two types of personality tests. They are the Blacky Test and Kinetic family drawing. Blacky Test The Blacky Test was a personality test that to let a person respond

  • My Self Assessment Test

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    The self-assessment test shows people their areas of strengths and weaknesses (Bethel University, 2014). In order to achieve success people must learn to use their strengths and improve their weaknesses. The first step in this process is learning which skills are strengths and which are weaknesses (Bethel University, 2014). After taking the test I was pleased to find I had more strengths than weaknesses. However, the test brought to light issues that I did not realize could be hindering my success

  • Business Impact Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Test, And Risk Assessment

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    Create or find definitions for Business Impact Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Test, and Risk Assessment.. The goal of a Business Impact Assessment is to look at each asset that has a risk of being compromised and identify all of the impacts the loss of the asset would or could have on the business’s operations. This can be used to identify whether the level of risk that an asset has is within an acceptable level and properly protect the assets that are important to the business

  • Standardized Test and Informal Reading Assessments

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    How well do standardized tests work as tools for obtaining information about children’s literacy strengths and needs? Standardized tests have both positive and negative uses as they pertain to obtaining information and what that information can be used for. The use of portfolios can also be used to guide instruction, and they can be used as informal or summative assessments. The use of both the standardized test as well as a student portfolio will give the teacher information that can be used to

  • Self Assessment Test Essay Examples

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    we would be happy and successful in our life. There are a variety of tests that are used to verify our morals, perception, values, intelligence or aptitudes and skills to succeed in our life. Self-assessment tests are one of them. Although none of these tests will provide us with a definite answer on what we should do with our lives. We can use them as a tool to generate an idea of our overall future planning. Self-assessment test is best used to assess our moralities, perception and values that help

  • Bench Mark Assessment Test Critique

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    For the Test Critique Assignment I choose the Bench Mark Assessment Test for fourth grade. I think it is a great asset to know how my bilingual students are performing against other fourth graders or even to compare them with the national and state scores. The Bench Mark Assessment test is not an option, all students in grades third through eight who take the Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) must take the Bench Mark assessments test. The Bench Mark Assessment test primary purpose of the

  • The Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT)

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    schooling was practically determined in the months of February and March, by the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, most commonly known as the F.C.A.T. The Florida department of education (2005) presents (to parents and guardians of the students), the F.C.A.T. as a test given to Florida students to measure what they know and are able to accomplish in reading, writing, mathematics, and science. This test is a part of Florida’s plan to improve student’s achievement. It measures challenging content standard

  • Personality Test: According To The Emotional Assessment

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    According to the Emotional Assessment/Personality Test, what are your greatest personality strengths? Describe in detail how you have utilized (or plan to utilize) these strengths in your life. - Extraversion (Sociability and Assertiveness): Previous personality tests have always told me that I am more of an Extrovert than an Introvert. I have always considered myself a very social person and one to meet new people. I wouldn 't’t say “I’m the life of the party,” but I do like to mingle with people

  • Psychological Assessment: The Aptitude Test For School Beginners

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    Psychological Assessments have been committed to producing results that are important in the selection of individuals, screening and assessing (Butt, 2016) of basic and applied cognition, personality, interpersonal behavior, psychopathology, forensics, and biological psychology (Butt, 2016). This means that psychological assessments are used to provide results necessary for the above mentioned domains. The psychological assessment of main focus in this document is the Aptitude Test for School Beginners