Blacky Test Personality Assessment

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Introduction There are many types of personality assessments to help the examiner to test the personality. The personality test/assessment can help access individuals to know more about their personality. The assessments also can be applied in clinical psychology, career counselling, school setting, survey and others form of setting. Our group is analysing two types of personality tests. They are the Blacky Test and Kinetic family drawing. Blacky Test The Blacky Test was a personality test that to let a person respond to ambiguous stimuli, presumably revealing hidden emotions and internal conflicts, also known as projective test. It used by psychoanalysts for children's personalities were shaped by Freudian psychosexual development which has had a lasting impact on the field. In year 1947, Gerald Blum created the Blacky Pictures Test. As psychosexual development advances, there were a hopes that may discovering by deeper knowledge of changes in personality. An objective in the typical test session is scoring system and used to rate the responses. The results are analyzed and interpreted to find that the subject has a "strong" personality type such as anal, oral or phallic, corresponding to one of the psychosexual development stages that had mentioned by Freud. Kinetic family drawing Kinetic Family Drawing was as assessment instruments to draw a person, an object or a situation. That are several early studies of family technique. KFD was a require skilled, trained and the structure of the test. The test is flexibility in administration and interpretation of figure drawings. KFD involves the examiner instructing the child to draw a picture which is themselves, and everyone in his or her family, and there was doing something. The... ... middle of paper ... ...eral figures (refer to Appendix). We will discuss two figures here. The first figure is about the restriction between family members. This 13-year-old boy has an anxious mother which severely limiting his peer relationships. His drawing shown that his mother is above him vacuuming as if she would suck him into the vacuum. He had conflict feelings of wanting protection from his mother, but yet afraid of her restricting power. Figure 2 shows the conflict about close relationship with mother. The subject wanted to get close to his mother. He drew himself with his mother but a barrier still exists. He also drew a double horizontal line separating his mother and him from his brother and his father. This increases the distance between them and wishes for a secure relationship with his mother. The subject is socially isolated and has problems with interpersonal contacts.

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