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  • Aqualisa Quartz: Simply A Better Shower

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    (data for year 2000) on the showers market. These are: Triton (545.500 units), Mira (390.000 units), Ganiesborough (203.500 units), Aqualisa (122.000 units) and Masco (120.000 units). If we focus on Electric Showers, Gainesborough (Aqualisa brand) is with 180.000 number of units sold on the 2nd place, behind Triton (479.000 units). In Mixer Showers category, Aqualisa is also second with 94.000 units (behind brand Mira with 200.000 units sold in year 2000). Company & market environment UK shower

  • Aqualisa Quartz

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    Aqualisa Quartz What is the Quartz value proposition to Plumbers and to the Consumers? The value proposition to the plumbers is the relative ease of installation that reduces the time by up to 1.5 days over a standard shower installation. The Quartz design allows for less repeat trips to fix problems at their own expense. Further, they can pass along the installation jobs to their apprentices. This frees them up to make more money on larger jobs and also ameliorates the shortage of plumbers

  • Quartz Case Study Aqualisa

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    INTRODUCTION Aqualisa needs to configure a strategy to sell their new shower the Quartz. The newest most innovative shower is not selling like it should be. If they cannot get it off they ground they risk of losing market share to competition. Aqualisa have been doing well in the past years however, with lowered quality and improvement among the competition changes need to be made. The purpose of this analysis is to take a deeper look into Aqualisa to see what their best moves is in order to fix

  • Diamonds in the Rough

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    Diamonds in the Rough Nature is full of many awe-inspiring things, from majestic mountains to carpets of flowers. There is much artistic creativity inspired by nature, but it is often of valleys, and streams. Rarely do we see the smaller pieces that make up such grand pictures. There are few people who appreciate the beauty of a single leaf, or a single drop of water. It is even rarer to find a person who finds beauty in a rock. For most people rocks are only beautiful if polished up and

  • Igneous Petrology of Cape Granites

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    Geological Setting The Cape Granite Suite formed about 560-520 Ma during the Saldanian orogeny which occurred between 780 to 510 Ma (Harris & Vogelli, 2010; Villaros, Stevens & Buick, 2009). This orogeny formed as a result of the convergence of the Rio de la Plata and Kalahari cratons during the formation of Gondwanaland (Harris & Vogelli, 2010). The granitoids of the CGS were intruded into the three terranes of the metasedimentary and metavolcanic Malmesbury Group which are divided by distinct

  • Amethyst Research Paper

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    The Amethyst is my absolute favorite stone and always has been. Ever since I was young, I have been drawn to it. As purple is my favorite color and I just can’t seem to stay away from it, I love the vibrancy the color of the Amethyst gives off. It seems to me like a source of solace, and when I have one close in a time of need, it gives me the feeling of being wrapped in a comforting blanket. As it feels this way, I am sometimes tempted to put it against my face, as you would a childhood stuffed

  • Types of Silica

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    BACKGROUND Types of Silica Crystalline silica may be of several distinct types. Quartz, a form of silica and the most common mineral in the earth's crust, is associated with many types of rock. Other types of silica include cristobalite and tridymite. Potential for Exposure During Construction Concrete and masonry products contain silica sand and rock containing silica. Since these products are primary materials for construction, construction workers may be easily exposed to respirable crystalline

  • Progress and challenges in the design of MEMS Resonators

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    Compensated Resonator, Comb Drive Resonator, Piezoelectric Resonator. The design and analysis are all done in FEM (Finite Element Method) analysis tool. Keywords—Microelectromechanical system, resonators, comb drive, piezoelectric. Introduction The quartz crystal resonator has been replaced by MEMS resonator in last few decades. A MEMS Resonator having a good power consumption and it has an ability design a mixer-filter in a single chip without any off chip components. However the Resonator performance

  • Kamiak Butte Essay

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    Kamiak Butte is one of the few areas near Pullman that reflect the many geologic terms learned in class. This area is an example of an area that is extinct to the surrounding landforms. This butte is located in Whitman County, in between the cities of Colfax and Pullman, Washington. With an elevation of 3, 641 feet above sea level, Kamiak Butte has one of the highest elevations in all of Whitman County (1). The county park covers about 298 acres, and consists mainly of woodlands. Once one has climbed

  • Difference Between Relative Dating And Radiometric Dating

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    There are many techniques used to determine the age of rocks, but I will highlight on two: relative dating and radiometric dating. Each has its own limitations. The first technique is called relative dating. Relative dating is the technique based on the layers in the rock to tell how old the rock is by its geological events. Growing up I used to hike around and find land structures with rock layers. By looking at the different layers and the way they were structured, it was a fun way to guess the

  • Tanzanite Research Paper

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    The beautiful and unique gemstone, tanzanite has afascinating history. Read all about it and trace the origins of this rare gemstone. What is tanzanite? Unique. Rare. Beautiful. Blue. These are all words that can be used to describe the gemstone tanzanite. So, what exactly is it? This gemstone is made up of calcium aluminium silicate and is actually a member of the zoisite family of gemstones. But, because of its rarity and sheer beauty, it gets its own category. Ages ago, metamorphic rock began

  • Persuasive Essay On Aloe

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    She sat down in the corner on her oversized cream arm chair and ottoman to start her reading. The book about nature’s guide to your fertility was specific about the placement of furniture in her bedroom, but also in the dining room, and even right down to the entryway. It had some simple ideas such as adding a filter to the tap water. The book said that the toxins can lead to infertility. Then it got into weeding and gardening. It told her to plant aloe vera and cactus inside the home. It is supposed

  • Ad Targeting of Two Watches, Rolex and Citizen

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    Walking into the jewelry store, a man with a high salary income is immediately attracted to Rolex watches because he understands that a Rolex is not just any wristwatch. He asks to see the finest Rolex watch and is impressed by the way it looks and how well-crafted it is. The jeweler then offers the man to see a Citizen’s Watch – one that cost less, tells times just as well, and does not need a battery. He rejects the man proposal because he wants the Rolex credibility and its history. Although many

  • Smartwatch Case Study

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    convince younger people that a $6,000 watch is a great deal. So what’s happening? Smartwatches are killing the low end. I predicted this almost a year ago when I wrote about how the watch industry Massive consolidation and a downturn as bad as the quartz crisis. This is the end for many smaller manufacturers, including the OEMs who provide garbage watches for Calvin Klein, Fossil and Burberry. Cheaper manufacturers with a history – Timex, Citizen and Seiko primarily – will survive because there will

  • Aqualisa Target Market

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    Aqualisa target market For Aqualisa’s Quartz shower system to become more profitable and accepted in the United Kingdom’s, stagnant, unimaginative, shower market, Rawlinson needs to work to educate all potential consumers on the features and benefits of the Quartz shower system. More importantly, to gain that market share needed to make the Quartz system successful, Rawlinson needs to focus the Quartz marketing efforts on the do-it-yourselfers, and the plumbers. These markets are the areas that

  • Aqualisa Case Study

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    Q1. Aqualisa launched the most significant shower innovation in recent British history: the Quartz shower. The shower provides significant improvements in terms of quality, cost, and ease of installation. In product testing, the Quartz shower received rave reviews. However, early sales of the Quartz have been disappointing. The company is faced with some key issues about whether to change the channel strategy, promotional strategy, and the overall positioning of the product (niche or a mainstream

  • Aqualisa

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    Problem Statement Aqualisa launched the most significant shower innovation in recent British history: the Quartz shower. The shower provides significant improvements in terms of quality, cost, and ease of installation. In product testing, the Quartz shower received rave reviews from both consumers and plumbers alike. However, early sales of the Quartz have been disappointing. Now, the company is faced with some key issues about whether to change the channel strategy, promotional strategy, and