Ad Targeting of Two Watches, Rolex and Citizen

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Walking into the jewelry store, a man with a high salary income is immediately attracted to Rolex watches because he understands that a Rolex is not just any wristwatch. He asks to see the finest Rolex watch and is impressed by the way it looks and how well-crafted it is. The jeweler then offers the man to see a Citizen’s Watch – one that cost less, tells times just as well, and does not need a battery. He rejects the man proposal because he wants the Rolex credibility and its history. Although many people believe the Rolex Watch Company just makes an overpriced luxury watch for wealthy people and that Citizen’s makes a luxury watch for everyone, I am willing to show that the quality and history of the Rolex Watch Company gives Rolex more credibility than the strategies used by the Citizen Watch Company. After discussing briefly the history of each watch company, I will describe the audience the two advertisements are aimed towards, then I will compare and the contrast the two ads in light of each other. Finally, I will show how their strategies matter to American consumers.

“Having established his London-based watch company Rolex in 1908, Hans Wilsdorf had decided to test the accuracy of his products by sending them off to a Swiss observatory. It was a decision worth taking, as Rolex was rewarded with the world’s first timing certificate for a wristwatch” (SITE). From its founding, until present time, the credibility of watches constructed by Rolex have not been in question. Since being the first accurately timing wristwatch, Rolex has grown as a company into a name that is so famous it’s synonymous with the words luxury, success, and history. Citizen, a watch company that stands for luxury for everyday people, had its beginn...

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...d using light instead, saving money for the consumer in the long run. The thought of saving money by not having to buy batteries will drive the typical American consumer to buy this watch to save money on batteries. Women, especially golfers, will show more interest in this watch because it is modeled by an athlete and this will make consumers think the watch it more trustworthy than it may be. Consumers will be driven to buy this watch purely by egocentric feelings and not by the facts or history of the watch itself. To the typical American consumer both of these watches look like a good buy depending on how much money they are willing to spend. However, the Rolex ad better supports the trustworthiness of the watch by dedicating its ad to several different celebrities who wear their watches, instead of the one celebrity used in the Citizen’s watch advertisement.

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