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Aqualisa Quartz

What is the Quartz value proposition to Plumbers and to the Consumers?

The value proposition to the plumbers is the relative ease of installation that reduces the time by up to 1.5 days over a standard shower installation. The Quartz design allows for less repeat trips to fix problems at their own expense. Further, they can pass along the installation jobs to their apprentices. This frees them up to make more money on larger jobs and also ameliorates the shortage of plumbers in the UK.

For the consumers the Quartz offers a superior product to that of its competitors. The Quartz expedites the shower controls which allows for more exact temperature control and the customers are blown away by the “wow factor” (e.g. push button controls). Furthermore, the Quartz shower is a superior shower experience that vastly improves water pressure and the longevity of the shower unit. Also there are no cumbersome boxes taking up precious space in the shower. These enhancements open up new market segment possibilities. Women don’t have to worry about getting their hair wet when they jump in for a quick shower and the elderly don’t have to fiddle with stiff valves.

Due to the savings on installation, the Quartz so profoundly affects the price that the total cost of the Quartz Standard unit winds up being less expensive than any of the other shower units (see Chart 1). So for example, if one factors in that the average labor would be £240 total (£60/hr.) compared with £960 installation for a standard shower this offsets the higher price of the Quartz units. The price...

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...orkshops for customers and sales people within the DIY stores. This would directly impact sales and improve the negative perceptions of the difficulty in these types of installations.

The showroom segments are the biggest fans of the Quartz and obviously should be highly pursued. It’s not clear on whether new relationships were forged in this area but it would make great sense to target every possible show room to maximize exposure.

Finally, I believe the marketing organizational structure can be altered to include more cross-functional product and brand management teams. These teams can comprised of various team members to take advantage of various skills for developing a strategic directions on further developing target markets, building new relationships with vendors and improving the customer acquisition process.

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