Ankle Sprains Essays

  • Ankle Sprains for the Dancer

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    Ankle Sprains for the Dancer Ankles are one of the many body parts that have the highest incidence of injury by the performance of dance. Ankle sprains are one of the most common sprains occurring to the dancer. Even though structurally the ankle may be considered a moderately strong joint, it is subject to sudden twists, especially when the dancer steps on some irregular surface. Serious injury occurring to joints or bones result initially from impact forces, with carelessness and fatigue

  • Ankle Sprains Overview

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    PT Rehabilitation Plan Ankle Sprains Overview Ankle sprains have three degrees of injury ranging from 1-3. The level of the ankle sprain is determined by the amount that the ligament is torn or stretched. A grade one sprain is categorized as a slight stretching and damage to the fibers of the ligament. A grade 2 sprain is characterized as partial tearing of the ligament and abnormal laxity of the ankle. A grade 3 sprain is characterized by complete tear of the ligament if it can be pushed or

  • Causes Of Ankle Sprains

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    million people visit a physician for ankle injuries. In sports, 10 to 30 percent of athletes suffer from ankle sprains. Ankle sprains will be further investigated through five topics. The five topics on ankle sprains will be a clear definition with causes, the different types, prevention, treatment, and ankle sprains in sports…………………….. BODY Now, a clear definition of what an ankle sprain is and the causes of ankle sprains will be given. An ankle sprain happens when a ligament is either stretched

  • Ankle Sprains In Basketball

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    Ankle sprains and knee sprains are notably common basketball-related injuries that require attention. Ankle sprains typically occur when a player lands on an unexpected object such as another player's foot, while knee injuries often occur due to collisions such as with another player's

  • Sports Injuries Essay

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    basketball court. Running with the right shoes will prevent any ankle sprains or calf muscle sprains that may occur during running. Playing football you may encounter the same injuries as playing basketball and running or even worse if playing full contact football. The most common sports injury is strains and sprains that occurred during sports activity. Stretching and warming up the body is a good activity to prevent strains and sprains this is commonly done before doing any physical

  • Acute Injuries and Treatments

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    What are the differences between an acute injury and a chronic injury or disease? An acute injury is one that happens during a single event not over a period of time while a chronic injury could develop or worsen over time. Chronic injuries usually happen as a result repetitive trauma to the same area injuring it worse every time. If not treated, an acute injury can turn into a chronic injury. There are many times of acute injuries, many of which result from sporting accidents. An acute injury is

  • Psychological Effects Of Long

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    second degree ankle sprain. This would fall under the category of a long term injury. A long term injury is one where the rehabilitation time is longer than four weeks and may take up to a year. Some other examples of injuries in this category would be fractures, orthopedic and general surgeries, second and third degree sprain and strains, and debilitating injuries. In the reaction to the injury itself, there is a primary reaction followed by a secondary reaction. With this ankle sprain, a common primary

  • Knee Sprains In Basketball

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    affecting the ligaments that join the bones together, making them weaker, overstretched and even prone to tears. Most common knee sprain involves an ACL tear, causing pain and instability of the knee. A proper knee sprain treatment usually involves immobilization of the knee for a short time, allowing the knee joint to keep still and the ligaments to heal. If the knee sprain is more severe and involves an ACL tear, then anti-inflammatory medications are required. For some players, ACL surgery might be

  • Defensive Argumentative Essay

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    Reginald Mouton 11/16/2016 Youngblood Defensive Argument Essay Some people may say they don’t really want to run track of do any of the field events. Others believe they are too slow and then the last handful of people are scared to risk getting injured. Track & Field may seem like one of the best sports to keep the human body healthy and active. But the question is how stress is but on the human body muscles when running competitively? Is it enough to pull a muscle or how about the risk of falling

  • Muscular Injury Essay

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    Muscular Injuries are common and with proper knowledge can be easily treated or prevented. There are three types of muscular injuries; strains, sprains and contusions. They are the most common reason for inactive games in the NFL, but you don’t have to be in the NFL to “pull” a muscle. Muscular injuries are common to all people whether the activity be athletic or simply recreational. A strain is injury to muscles or tendons. Tendons are cords of fiber that connect muscles to bones. The most common

  • Athlete Injury

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    There’s no denying getting injured is an athletes worst nightmare. Injuries are a part of life, but they tend to happen more to athletes. Not fair right? Well unfortunately this is very true. The summer going into my junior year I received the worst injury I have ever had, I had torn my mcl in my right knee. The tear felt as if two hundred untrained nurses each stabbed me in my knee with a rusty syringe. This sounds horrific, well, because it was. I was selected to play for an elite ice hockey team

  • Cervical Strain Research Paper

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    Cervical strain and sprain are injuries that affect the tissues that connect the bones in the neck (cervical spine). A strain is when muscles or tissues (tendons) that connect muscles to bones stretch or tear. A sprain is when the tissues (ligaments) that connect bones to one another stretch or tear. Cervical strains and sprains usually happen because of "whiplash" injuries. These are injuries caused by a sudden forward and backward whipping movement of the head and neck. These conditions can range

  • Bruises

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    the affected area. The proper homeopathic remedy greatly speeds the time of healing bruises and relieves the bad quickly. Materia Medica ACETIC ACID (2). Shock causes great relaxation, with vertigo and fainting. Dry heat after much bruising or sprains. Eyes sunken and surrounded by dark rings. Emissions the next night. ARNICA (3*). The first remedy to give in bruising as it will prevent pain and soreness and help the absorption of blood. The entire body feels bruised and aches. Arnica tincture

  • Physical Therapy in Sports Medicine

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    Approximately 25,000 people experience getting a sprained ankle every day (By the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons). When having a sprained ankle your doctor could recommend you going to visit a physical therapist. Physical therapist help people who’ve been injured or sick, and the physical therapist will help the patient back to their healthy life style, like they were before their injury. They also help people with permit disabilities. As a physical therapist you have patients depending

  • Oveercoming an Injury - Not giving up

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    stands. I nervously waited for the ball to complete my first lay-up of the night, to ease my way into the game atmosphere. My fear of getting hurt again haunted my mind, and the fear was affecting my athletic performance. The thought of spraining my ankle again chilled my body with apprehension. It really hurt me as a player not being able to play the sport I loved. I knew that the only thing to do was to stay strong and cheer for my teammates. The game had begun and my team had the ball. I watched

  • Essay On Ankle Instability

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    Functional ankle instability is described as the tendency of the foot to ‘give way’.1 Functional instability (FI) is defined as the subjective feeling of ankle instability or recurrent, symptomatic ankle sprains (or both) due to proprioceptive and neuromuscular deficits.2 Individuals reporting giving way in the absence of a mechanical deficit are usually classified as having FAI.Incidents of the ankle “giving way”, is reported in 40% to 60% of individuals who suffer at least one ankle sprain. 3,12,16,19

  • Case Study of Ankle Injuries in Sports Medicine

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    Study of Ankle Injuries in Sports Medicine Ankle injuries rank as the most common injury in athletics today, and compared to men, women basketball players are 25 % to 60% more susceptible to spraining their ankles. The article began by hypothesizing that this rate is so high in women, because ankle-strength is due to an inversion-eversion muscle strength ratio that is associated with ankle injuries. And past experiments have proven that women, on average, have less muscle strength at the ankle than

  • Inversion Sprained Ankle Essay

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    Inversion Ankle Sprains An inversion sprained ankle is one of the most common injuries caused by sports and can be very frustrating for a coach and the athlete. The ankle is the most common joint injured in athletics especially basketball, football and cross country running. You don't have to be an athlete or even a "weekend warrior" to twist your ankle and hurt it. Something as simple as walking on an uneven surface can cause a painful, unbearable sprain. A sprained ankle refers to soft tissue

  • Research paper

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    Ankle sprains are one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries and are especially relevant at all level of sport.1 Of all sports, the incidence of ankle sprain is higher in volleyball considering its non-contact nature.2 The most common ankle sprain occurs on the lateral or outside part of the ankle.3 Reports estimate that ankle sprains account for approximately 24% to 54% of all sport-related injuries and 23,000 persons get them per day in the United States.4 Lateral ankle sprain occurs when

  • Judgments of Conduct in Sense and Sensibility

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    practical and conventional, met and fell in love with Edward Ferrars, Mrs. John Dashwood's brother. One rainy morning, after being settled in their new cottage at Barton, Marianne, emotional and sentimental, was brought home from her walk with a sprained ankle by Willoughby, a dashing young man in his mid-twenties. Marianne immediately fell for Willoughby and he for her and in the following days and weeks he was invariably found at Barton. Another new friend to the family, Colonel Brandon watched the formation