Acute Injuries and Treatments

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What are the differences between an acute injury and a chronic injury or disease? An acute injury is one that happens during a single event not over a period of time while a chronic injury could develop or worsen over time. Chronic injuries usually happen as a result repetitive trauma to the same area injuring it worse every time. If not treated, an acute injury can turn into a chronic injury. There are many times of acute injuries, many of which result from sporting accidents. An acute injury is trauma to a certain area of the body that may or may not cause extensive pain. Acute injuries can be classified as injuries to the bones, muscles, tendons, mencius, and ligaments. When an acute injury occurs, the victim may experience bruising, swelling and sometimes dislocation of the affected area. The time it takes the injury to heal is a better indicator of which type of injury the patient is suffering from. When treating an acute injury, remember the acronym R.I.C.E. The “R” stands for rest. After an injury occurs, rest is important because it gives the affected area time to attempt to heal itself. The “I” represents ice. Ice is needed to minimize swelling to the injured area. When icing an area, use the twenty minutes off and twenty minutes on. When using ice, be sure to have a barrier between the ice and skin to prevent hypothermia or freezing the skin. An example of a barrier would be a paper towel or some type of cloth. The “C” stands for compression. When compressing an injured area, it also causes the swelling to decrease. When an injury is swollen, it may delay the injury to complete necessary healing. When wrapping to compress an injury, an ACE bandage normally works the best. If you begin to notice a throbbing sensation o... ... middle of paper ... ...on. Bruises happen when small blood vessels are burst underneath the skin and their contents are spilled under the skin which causes the skin to change colors. A bruise usually normally treats itself within a week or two. An incision normally happens when a doctor has to cut the skin for a medical reason. An incision should be treated like a cut. Some injuries to the eyes are also considered as acute injuries. A punctured eye ball is classified as a tension mechanism injury as well as an abrasion to the cornea. In conclusion, all acute injuries are painful and should be addressed and cared for properly as soon as possible. If an injury is not cared for properly, it could cause more, long term damage than originally injured. Always remember the acronym R.I.C.E, rest, ice, compression and elevation as the first method of treatment when dealing with an acute injury.

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