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  • An Advocate For The American People

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    A People’s Politician Very few Americans will proudly say that they have had the dream of serving the American people and the ones they love and cherish by fulfilling a duty rather than a form of occupation in our government as a legislator, policy maker, but most importantly, as a defender of American Democracy with everyday American citizens in mind. For me, unlike anyone else, those forms of public service are not just hopes and dreams, but rather goals and desires. I have always lived my life

  • The People Of The Native Americans

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    For many years’ native people of the North America lived in peaceful in their homelands. However, one day the lives of the Native Americans would come to an upsetting stop. In June of 1540, Hernando De Soto, a Spanish explorer to led the first European expedition deep into the United States mainland in search of god, glory and gold. Hernando set to out to conquer the empire and to capture the Aztecs, .On his next journey out as govern, he encountered the native’s people. From that day forward, natives

  • Prohibition and the American People

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    Prohibition and the American People Abraham Lincoln, arguably the greatest president in American history, is believed to have said, “Prohibition will work great injury to the cause of temperance. It is a species of intemperance within itself, for it goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man’s appetite by legislation, and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes. A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded.”

  • The Rights Of The American People

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    The rights of the American people have a society teetering back in forth of what is right and wrong. Our Florida Court System has society, wondering how and why some high profile cases have come back with the verdicts of “not guilty”. Depending on the circumstances whether society wants a “not guilty” or “guilty” verdict. Problems arise with the breakdown of our Florida Court System. When you put into consideration of a high profile cases there is still only one clear result, facts and the

  • Global Reputation of American People

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    The American If asked to describe Americans in a few words, some foreigner's may use such adjectives as 'powerful, influential, smart, wealthy or patriotic.' Undoubtedly others will venture on to say that Americans are 'lazy, spoiled, reckless, arrogant, or foolish.' There is no doubt that a foreigner who has never stepped foot on American soil will probably have distorted but firm views of America, its people and its government. This is because America is very influential, both positively and negatively

  • The Voting Of The American People Voting

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    the American people voting is a fundamental right. This right is protected by Constitutional Amendments and for many years these Amendments have been twisted to exclude citizens from their fundamental rights. Women, minorities, and other ethnic groups have had to endure different forms of exclusion such as poll taxes and literacy tests, while recent laws have been passed by numerous states requiring voters to show government issued photo identification. According to NPR, 3.2 million American people

  • A Democratic Society On The American People

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    of government affiliated with Americans also defined its people. He issued a negative view of Americans, created by their party affiliation. After examining the influence of a democratic society on the American people, he concluded that “ equality of conditions modifies the relations of citizens among themselves” (558). In understanding the background of a democratic society, it is necessary to emphasize the impact “equality of conditions” has created amongst Americans. However, in terms of an aristocratic

  • A New Deal For The American People

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    In his book, A New Deal for the American People, Roger Biles analyzes the programs of the New Deal in regards to their impact on the American society as a whole. He discusses the successes and failures of the New Deal policy, and highlights the role it played in the forming of American history. He claims that the New Deal reform preserved the foundation of American federalism and represented the second American Revolution. Biles argues that despite its little reforms and un-revolutionary programs

  • People Have On Americans And On America

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    negative views that people have on Americans and on America in general. David Zinczenko thinks that so many American kids are becoming obese because there are more fast food places than there are grocery stores. Vicente Verdu says that America has such a huge impact on other countries that crimes that are happening here are happening there in very similar ways. Other countries are gaining McDonalds and they are changing the menu to fit their culture. Renee Graham commented that American directors are buying

  • The Technology And Culture Of The American People

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    Eighty four years separate 1932 and 2016. In that eighty four years, the lifestyles and culture of the American people transformed. Finally everyone was connected, globalization took the world by storm. The invention of the television, computer, and smart phone made the world a much smaller place. However, many problems of the thirties still exist today. To this day information is a commodity, and even more so, secret information. The Germans understood this when the enigma machine was invented,