The American Dream: Dream Or Illusion

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Dream or Illusion
Have we ever thought how long our dreams are? Dreams may last minutes to hours until it gets to the end; sometimes dreams have happy ending and sometimes not. The American Dream is everyone’s dream who lives in the United States because it is “the belief that everyone in the US has the chance to be successful and happy if they work hard” ("The American Dream Definition . . ."). In other words, it aims to encourage people to get what they want if they worked hard for it. By following the American Dream, people sacrifice their health, be prisoned with their debts, and never be satisfied with one dream. Therefore, in my opinion, people should not follow the American Dream throughout their life because the American Dream is just
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Their dream is essentially focused on financial achievement rather than being first physically and mentally healthy. According to the author Gary Goshgarian, who explained the value of health in his popular culture anthology The Contemporary Reader:
“Healthiness is a part of the American Dream that everyone seems to overlook. I believe that when it comes to living a so called 'perfect life ' there is nothing more important than having good health. A person can have all the money in the world; a person can have all the spare time in the world; a person can have the most loving family in the world; however, what good is all of this if he or she is dying from an incurable disease?”
In other words, people who aim to have a lot of money without thinking of their health, I believe they did not make any success toward their dream. Instead, they are making believes of a delusional dream that would lead them to unhappy
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They would be always addicted to earning more money in order to reach the ideal life that they dream about, which is basically education, luxury house, and a car. Therefore, most people work very hard and take loans in order to achieve the above goals. Following that, once they achieve their goals, they realize none of the house or car is their own, it is basically the bank’s assets that they need to pay for to own them. For that purpose, people turn to be nagged and disappointed because they feel they did not reach their American Dream, and regardless their success that they have already made. Just because they did not reach their material success, they ignore the success that they made by coming to the United States; they ignore the success that they have made to get their freedom, safety, and happiness in the United States. Instead of being satisfied with their pervious successful dreams, people turned to be greedy by following the American Dream and hunger for something called money. Thereafter, instead of following the American Dream, I believe people should be convinced of what they reached and owned even if it was twenty
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