African American People Who Led To Freedom Dbq Essay

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Throughout history, minorities have always been oppressed by the Caucasian people. Many were killed, raped, had their land and traditions stolen from them. They were whitewashed, losing their culture. Unfortunately, many of them were kidnapped from their homes to work as slaves. Treated as animals, many of those slaves dreamed of one day being free in a country where had sparked based on the idea of freedom. After the Civil War in the United States (U.S.), many African Americans (A. Americans) gained freedom when President Abraham Lincoln passed the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments which abolished slavery granted equal protection and prohibited the denial of the right to vote based on race and color. After gaining their freedom, African-Americans …show more content…

is most remembered for was his peaceful way of achieving goals and being nonviolent towards the aggressors. King Jr. always had the idea of being peaceful, and nonviolent when it came to his marches and boycotts. In his speech in 1996, King Jr. states that violence will lead to hate, and that will not solve any problems (Doc. J). Which is true because if the A. American community would have started to get violent, the government would have hesitated in helping them, and the white community will be more aggressive towards them. Not, everybody had this nonviolent idea when it came to getting work done, in an interview with The Young Socialist, in 1966, Malcolm X stated that he was not for violence, but he was not against it either (Doc. K). Malcolm X thought that if violence was necessary when it came to protecting oneself, then it was just, but other than that, there should be violent. He also claims that it is unfair that the A. American community was forced to be peaceful, while the white community was allowed to do as they pleased. Which is a true statement that showed how divided and unjust the U.S. was, but if the A. American community started acting violent, the white community would have been even more brutal against them, and the Civil Rights Movement could have lasted longer. During this time it was better to fight hate with love and be nonviolent towards a group of violent …show more content…

Martin Luther King Jr.’s philosophy was much more effective than Malcolm X’s because of his idea of harmony between both race, the idea of peace, and nonviolent ways. By talking about doing things together, King Jr. promotes the idea of unity and equality which was the U.S.’s principles. With peace and love, it made the white community look even more barbaric since they were treating the A. Americans like trash. By having nonviolent ways, King Jr. and the thousands of protesters were able to get their message through without starting even more negative drama between them and the white people, and that pushed the government to finally give them the rights they fully deserve. But the battle for equality still has yet to end since the A. American community is still being targeted against unfortunately by police officers who are unjustly killing innocent African Americans. This is the reason why the Black Lives Matter has risen because of the inequality between white and blacks that still exists because of different cases when a black man and a white man would commit the same exact crime, only the black man would get punished harshly. What adds salt to the wound is the unequal treatment that African Americans receive, in just one year 222 African Americans were murdered by police officers, and many of those African Americans were clearly innocent. The works of Malcolm X and Dr, Martin Luther King Jr. made a huge impact in society, especially the African

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