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  • Comparison of the Society of Animal Farm and America Today

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    Comparison of the Society of Animal Farm and America Today Humankind has always had a thirst for power; over its peers, environment and spiritual beliefs. To quench this thirst it has gone as far as genocide; but has often employed more subtle techniques, such as mind control. In today’s socio-economical and political worlds, mind control plays a key role in dictating tastes and lifestyles; as well as controlling political thoughts, views, and people’s understanding of the world. It is accomplished

  • Comparing Abortion in Morrison's Beloved and in America Today

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    Abortion in Morrison's Beloved and in America Today In the novel Beloved by Toni Morrison, the main character, Sethe, commits a crime unthinkable and incomprehensible to most people today.  She murders her own child, her own flesh and blood.  The institution of slavery drove Sethe to make this drastic decision.  Comparing the situations of slavery to today's society is impossible.  Yet, we still see mothers killing babies (or fetuses).  The issue of abortion has been a constant in our

  • What Is The Role Of The Columbian Exchange In Shaping America Today

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    and diseases, between the new world, which is know today as America, and the old worlds which are Asia, Africa, and Europe. This exchange not only affected the Europeans and the Natives, but it altered and improved nearly the whole world's culture. It also played a role in shaping the United States of America today by transforming the Europeans' and Native Americans' way of life during that period. When the Europeans first arrived in the Americas centuries ago, they found Indians living on the land

  • Dominicans And Afro-americans

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    In America today, there is a large and diverse African-American population. Within this population, there are several ethnic groups. The other ethnic group similar to Afro-Americans is Dominicans. Not only are they both minorities, but they also look similar as well. Both Dominicans and Afro-Americans are originally from Africa, but their slave masters separated them into two different cultures. African-Americans was African slaves of Americans, and Dominicans were African slaves of the Spanish.

  • America's Moral Decline

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    America's Moral Decline One of the most pressing problems facing America today is our moral crisis. This problem is one that is related to many other social dilemmas. It has a correlation to our rising crime rate, drug usage, and a trend towards sexual irresponsibility. It is imminent for Americans to find a cure for this moral disease lest we are bound for chaos. In order to solve this problem we must first, as with any problem, determine the causes. One of the causes is the overall tolerance

  • Satire In America Today

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    In America today, you will see some type of satire everywhere in America media because it is depicted in our everyday life. For example, satire appears in comics, broadcasts, TV shows, songs, etc. What makes satire more popular is the satirists who make it all possible to impact American media. Satirists have the unique ability to captivate anyone who may be listening to them speak through their words and delivery. Some famous satirists include Aaron McGruder, Milo Yiannopoulos, and “Weird Al” Yankovic

  • A Streetcar Named Desire, by Tennessee Williams

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    A Streetcar Named Desire In what way can A Streetcar Named Desire be seen as an exploration of”old” America versus the “new” America? In the play, Blanche represents old America and Stanley represents new America. Why Blanche represents old America is because of her way of thinking, lifestyle and values. When Blanche walks into the room where the guys are playing poker, there is a great example of how Blanche represents old and Stanley new. When she walks in, the guys are sitting around the table

  • La Cosa Nostra

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    just as much today on American soil as it did and does still in Italy. To understand this organized crime, one must begin to understand how it came to be organized in the first place. During the medieval times in Sicily, Arabs invaded the land and native Sicilians fled and took refuge in the hills. Some of these refugees formed a secret society that gave protection to the people in exchange for money. This group took their name, “Mafia” based on the Arabic word for refuge. In America today, one can hear

  • Unions, Bad for America

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    Unionism, Bad for America Unionism is the concept that traditionally business, especially big businesses are inherently going to exploit their employees. Therefore, in order to protect themselves, the workers form organizations called unions, in which all laborers who work at a certain craft, or in a certain industry band together. By this process of “joining forces”, the unions gain power in numbers. Unions traditionally try to protect employee interests by negotiating with employers for wages

  • The Homeless in America

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    The Homeless in America " I never imagined that I would be homeless." Although I have read this statement made over and over again, the facts behind it remain astonishing. The facts are that there are millions of homeless in America today. Many of these people had no choice but to become homeless. Economic problems such as being laid off work, or the rise in the cost of housing had lead people to live on the streets. Many of the homeless are women that have become divorced or have left

  • Abercrombie & Fitch

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    Abercrombie & Fitch In America today, there are many different clothing stores. There are stores setting images for all ages, and styles. The majority of the upper-class stores are setting the American image for the young adult population. Many of the advertisements for these stores are somewhat similar. I have spent the last year and a half working in a clothing store called, “Abercrombie and Fitch”. Seeing this store change and grow with its image of vintage American clothing, I have found

  • Organized Religion and Its Necessity

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    depending on the reason it is done. In America today however, it is wrong to kill regardless of your reason. It was also brought up that religion helps us explain the unexplainable. This however is also not an up to date concept. I understand that we still explain good and evil by way of religion. Nonetheless, People these days have found ways to divert the rule of God by having more of an out of this world explanation for why things happen. The focus today turns to aliens and extraterrestrials.

  • Internet Security

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    Internet Security Security is crucial to any flourishing society such as the one in which we Americans live today. Imagine if there was no law enforcement in New York City. No one except criminals would dare to walk down the streets. People would live in fear every day. No one would work and no one could enjoy nature and the outdoors. We would all barricade ourselves indoors, only daring to venture outside into the dangerous world when we absolutely needed to. Everything would be different

  • Racism in America Today

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    old habits such as racism will never change in people. 1619, a date remembered by most African Americans (Afroamhistory). This date symbolizes the year when people were kidnapped from their homeland Africa by the Dutch and brought to be slaves in America. Africans at that time never imagined that they would be abducted and become slaves. Doing such things as farming, picking cotton, and cleaning the Africans freed the white man of any of his chorus and this made them masters. When you have become

  • Social Problems With America

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    Problems in America Many of Americans today do not take the time to realize that our nation is little by little falling apart. Our leaders are corrupt, our environment is being destroyed, and there are thousands of children being born each day. The three major social problems facing the American citizens in the 21st century are births to unmarried woman, being able to trust or government and or leaders, and lastly destroying the environment. The first major social problem facing America today is the

  • Labor Unions

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    trends, the two types and levels, and the importance of unions. I’ll also discuss some of the negative sides of unionization in corporate America today. Labor unions are groups or clubs of workers and employees who bond together to get good conditions, fair pay, and fair hours for their labor. These unions are usually joined together, and most unions in America are some branch of the largest labor union organization in the United States, the AFL-CIO with thirteen million members. One of the largest

  • Spike Lee Pride and Prejudice

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    fearlessness and knowledge of his personal mission that in past years, and some parts of Idaho today, would have gotten him called an uppity N-word, maybe worse. This reaction to him, to him in America today, and on our campus this week, is an illustration of how far whites (yes, whites) in this nation have not come. Lee makes films about various aspects of the African-American experience in America. His debut in 1986, "She's Gotta Have It," was about the man problems and prevails of a young black

  • The History of Pie

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    and taking walks in the beautiful Vermont woods. Desserts They are the most popular food in America today; yet, desserts are relatively new to food world. Pastries, and pies in particular, are probably the oldest of all. Pies have been filled with numerous foods, from meats to sweets, and even live animals and people Want to know more? Keep reading and learn about pie-from over 10,000 years ago to today. Pastry making goes as far back as the Neolithic Period. These round, flat cakes were first

  • Music's Effect on Violence

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    Music's Effect on Violence Music is an essential part of life in America today. Millions of Americans listen to recordings from a plethora of artists every day. Since the advent of Rock N' Roll, politicians, law enforcement, and several independent organizations have tried to convince America that music causes negative social impacts on youth. Of the social impacts that music is blamed for, violence is the most shocking. The assumption by the afore mentioned groups, that music causes violence

  • Albert Einstein

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    premier nation of the world. Albert Einstein has had one of the greatest ever influences upon the American way of life. He is responsible for many of the most famous scientific and philosophical standards used in America today. He was born in Germany in 1879, but Albert did not come to America until 1933, when he feared for his life and fled from Nazi Germany. It was at this time that he was at his greatest fame.(PBS 1) He then began his work for the United States. His discoveries have impacted all facets