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Albert Einstein One of the greatest heroes of American(and international) science and culture in the past century has been German physicist Albert Einstein. Born in 1879, Einstein used his early years to educate himself and began to think up his own methods for solving his newly found inquiries into science and higher-level mathematics. In a short time during the beginning of the twentieth century, Einstein pulled together his research and incredible intellect for unprecedented gains in science and theory used throughout the world. One need not go far to view the incredible impact that innovative genius Albert Einstein has had upon the twentieth century. His impact stretches far beyond the reaches of physics and life in the early 1900's. This physicist of phenomenal philosophy, logic, and imagination has been and still is the subject of countless catch phrases and expressions of intelligence. Albert Einstein is a forerunner of influential American icons. Because of his contribution to American science and society as an immigrant, intellectual accomplishments, and discoveries in nuclear technology, it is my belief that Albert Einstein was the most influential person of the twentieth century. First of all, Albert Einstein was the most important figure of the twentieth century because of his contribution to American science and society as an immigrant. This is foremost important because of the U.S.'s status as the premier nation of the world. Albert Einstein has had one of the greatest ever influences upon the American way of life. He is responsible for many of the most famous scientific and philosophical standards used in America today. He was born in Germany in 1879, but Albert did not come to America until 1933, when he feared for his life and fled from Nazi Germany. It was at this time that he was at his greatest fame.(PBS 1) He then began his work for the United States. His discoveries have impacted all facets of American culture. The sophisticated Special Theory of Relativity in physics that he created models the behavior of the entire universe. As stated on Nova, General Relativity has spawned the most important results in modern astronomy.(Levenson 4) Perhaps his largest contribution to America, Albert Einstein played a role in preserving American power. Einstein provided the biggest contribution to American science, setting most precedents fo... ... middle of paper ... ...ks Cited Clark, Ronald W. Einstein: The Life and Times. New York: Avon, 1984. Einstein, Albert. Relativity: The Special and General Theory. Tran. by Robert W. Lawson. 15th ed. New York: Bonanza-Crown, 1961. Einstein, Albert. The World as I See It. Translated by Alan Harris. Carol Publishing Group Edition. New York: Carol, 1995. Elert, Glenn. "Albert Einstein's letters to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt." 1997. Online. Internet. Available (15 Nov. 2009). "Knowledge/Imagination/Creativity." Words of Wisdom from Albert Einstein . Online. Internet. Available (2 Nov. 2009). Levenson, Thomas. "Genius Among Geniuses." Einstein Revealed. 1996. Online. Internet. Available (3 Nov. 2009). PBS (Nova). "Timeline." Einstein Revealed. 1996. Online. Internet. Available (3 Nov. 2009). "War/A-Bomb." Words of Wisdom from Albert Einstein. Online. Internet. Available (2 Nov. 2009).

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