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  • Army Alpha Testing

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    assessment. In developing the mental tests, the psychologists subscribed to the position that one could be quite intelligent, but illiterate or not proficient in the English language. Based on this reasoning, two major tests were developed, the Army Alpha for literate groups, and the Army Beta for illiterates, low literates or non-English speaking (Yerkes, 1921). Both tests were based on the theoretical position that intelligence was an inherited trait, and the assumption was made that native intelligence

  • Alpha Sigma Alpha Research Paper

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    There are many reasons Alpha Sigma Alpha exists. The purpose of ASA is to foster close friendships between members and to develop women of poise and purpose. The vision of Alpha Sigma Alpha is to cultivate values and ideals in women who are known for their character and concern for others. ASA inspires women to lead, to serve and most of all to make a difference. Alpha Sigma Alpha promotes high ideals and standards for its members throughout their lives by emphasizing balance among our four aims

  • Why I Want to be an Alpha Phi Alpha

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    Why I desire to be an Alpha man, a question that rolls around my thoughts since being invited to an informational. Out of all the organizations that exist from college fraternities to masonic lodges that cater to those of my cultural background the Alpha’s have always stood out as special, important and significant. In today’s society the romantic notion of college educated black man has almost no appeal unless affiliated with sports. Yet there is a storm brewing under the current of business,

  • Alpha Sorority Personal Statement

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    To be a woman of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. is to be resilient, poise, and gracious. To be a woman of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. is to be an inspiration to others through your actions. To be a woman of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. is to be of service to all mankind. The mission of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated is to cultivate and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards, promote unity and genuine friendships among college women, aid in issues concerning girls and women

  • Alpha and Beta Centauri

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    brightest stars (11th as viewed from Earth). Hadar is a blue-white super giant in the constellation Centaurus (Cen). In about 4,000 years, the motion of Alpha Centauri, who’s proper name is Rigel Kentaurus, will carry it close enough to Hadar that they will appear to be a magnificent double star. Because of the distance away from Earth that Alpha and Beta Centauri are (approximately 90 parsecs), they will be an optical double. As they sit today, the two stars look like a pair of eyes, the right one

  • Alpha Fraternity Case Study

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    Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated is an organization that I first learned about my senior year of high school. The Vice Principal of my high school, Mr. Woody, is a member of the organization Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated and the first time I saw him wear his letters, I began to ask more about the organization. From that point on, I began to do research on Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, while also noticing there were other members in my community. Many of these members

  • The Piper Alpha Disaster

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    Critical Analysis: Piper Alpha Introduction: The Piper Alpha, was an offshore oil production platform that was located in the British sector of the North Sea. It was operated by the Occidental Petroleum Caledonia Ltd. Piper Alpha at the time accounted for approximately ten percent for all gas and oil that was produced from the North Sea (Konard, 2011). Initially Piper Alpha started as an oil platform but later on it was converted to gas production. On the 6th of July 1988, a catastrophic explosion

  • Piper Alpha Disaster

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    It is considered as the worst offshore catastrophe in the world that killed 167 people. This disaster happened due to the explosion and fire of the Piper Alpha platform in the United Kingdom in 1988. The disaster has caused by a combination of different causes including human factors. However, this disaster has led to many changes across the world in the field of safety regulations in order to improve safety in different fields. Background In 1972, four companies have joined after obtaining the

  • 0.5 Alpha Level

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    satisfactory alpha level is 0.7. I am also not very confident in the INVR because the researchers cite another study that found that is has established validity and reliability, but it does not reveal at what level it is so it makes it harder to have confidence in them. I have confidence in the NKASRP as it has reliability of greater than 70, but the authors do not note what level of validity it is. The validity and reliability scores of the Nausea Management: Nurses’ Knowledge and Attitudes Survey

  • Comparing DEC Alpha and Intel Pentium Processors

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    Comparing DEC Alpha and Intel Pentium Processors The main difference between the architectures of Digital Equipment Corporation's (DEC) Alpha and Intel's Pentium processors are the instruction sets. In this paper I intend on defining both RISC and CISC processors. In doing this I will be comparing DEC's Alpha 21164 (a microprocessor that implements the Alpha architecture) and also Intel's Pentium processors (from the Pentium-R through the Pentium II). Reduced Instruction Set Computing or RISC

  • Aker's Criminal Behavior In 'Alpha Dog'

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    In the 2006 hit movie Alpha Dog Emile Hirsch plays the role of a young marijuana dealer named Johnny Truelove. Supplied by his father Sonny, Johnny distributed marijuana to buyers with the help of his closest friends . This act of deviancy gave him power and authority over the people In his life. Even so much authority that he could have someone killed by just a simple request. Throughout the film there were many characters that played a critical role in the kidnapping and murder of Zack Mazursky

  • Disaster on the North Sea from Piper Alpha Company

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    never been witnessed at any other time during the history of the industry. The legacy of the Occidental Piper Alpha, which sat 474 feet above the sea floor and was operated by Occidental Petroleum, had come to a tragic end taking 167 souls with it. The oil and gas platform was the most productive in the North Sea at the time it was destroyed by fire. It was the disaster of the Piper Alpha that prompted many changes in the oil and gas industry and exposed what could go terribly wrong if procedures

  • Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency and the Hope for a Cure

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    Have you ever heard of a disorder, condition or disease for the first time wondering to yourself what it is? That was me 11 years ago when my baby girl was first diagnosed with Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, at the young age of only four months old. My heart dropped when they told me the diagnosis even though I had no idea what it was, what is meant, or how it would change our lives. I had so many questions and even to this day, the questions still seem endless. I have spent countless hours researching

  • The Role Kappa Alpha Psi Has Played in My Life

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    Kappa Alpha Psi Inc. has played a large part in my life in a short amount of time; this organization has granted me the opportunity to attend college through a scholarship. The scholarship that I was granted was through the alumni chapter in Fayetteville; it required letters of recommendations, a transcript, an application, and an essay on what I believe “Achievement in every field of human endeavor” means. Once I received the call that was telling me to meet the representative to receive a letter

  • Brave New World

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    specially designed bottles. The Hatchery destines each fetus for a particular caste in the World State. The five castes are Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon. Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon undergo the Bokanovsky Process which involves shocking an egg so that it divides to form up to ninety-six identical embryos, which then develop into ninety-six identical human beings. The Alpha and Beta embryos never undergo this dividing process, which can weaken the embryos. The Director explains that the Bokanovsky

  • Proteins

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    structure often contains long stretched out chains of amino acids called strands that line up together to make sheets. These are called beta strands and the sheets are called beta-pleated sheets. A protein may contain either or both alpha helices and beta pleated sheets. Alpha helices and beta pleated sheets are joined by less clear structures often grouped together under the name of coil. Some small proteins may be made of coil. Shape is also important. Proteins are coiled and twisted, giving it a

  • Stock Analysis

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    profitable stocks amongst a myriad of potential alternatives is a daunting task to say the least. In order to narrow my choices from thousands to two, I examined several aspects of companies I was interested in. Among these were, company overview, alpha and beta ratings, price ratios, price charts, and company headlines. After evaluating this information, I chose Intuit INC (INTU) listed on the NASDAQ and Johnson and Johnson (JNJ) listed on the NYSE. Intuit, Inc. Intuit, Inc. is a provider of small

  • Rutherfords Gold Foil Experiment

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    discoveries at McGill university, Rutherford was rewarded the nobel prize for chemistry. In 1907 he succeded Arthur Schuster at the University of Manchester. He began persuing alpha particles in 1908. With the help of Geiger he found the number of alpha particles emitted per second by a gram of radium. He was also able to confirm that alpha particles cause a faint but discrete flash when striking luminescent zinc sulfide screen. These great accomplishments are all overshadowed by Rutherford's famous Gold

  • Wolf Pack Mentality

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    structured society called a pack where each wolf serves a purpose and function that benefits them all. Being one of the few mammals in the world that can be found grouped together, each wolf has their own status of importance within the pack. Including the alpha pair, the betas, the omegas, and the, dispersal also known as the ‘lone wolf’. Pack mentality is a tendency for groups of individuals to act together without planned direction. In a wolf pack, pack mentality is the extreme loyalty and devotion to the

  • Relationships in Tim O'Brien's Things They Carried

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    about love, respect and the bonds made between men when they spend day after day fighting just to stay alive. One of the clearest points in The Things They Carried is that of the importance of certain objects or feelings used by the soldiers of Alpha Company to survive the war. Jimmy Cross, the leader the group, carries a picture of a Martha, a girl who writes him from the states. Jimmy knows that there is no real relationship between the two, but he uses the picture the help keep him connected