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There are many reasons Alpha Sigma Alpha exists. The purpose of ASA is to foster close friendships between members and to develop women of poise and purpose. The vision of Alpha Sigma Alpha is to cultivate values and ideals in women who are known for their character and concern for others. ASA inspires women to lead, to serve and most of all to make a difference. Alpha Sigma Alpha promotes high ideals and standards for its members throughout their lives by emphasizing balance among our four aims of intellectual, physical, social and spiritual development. Alpha Sigma Alpha provides opportunities through sisterhood, heritage, leadership, core values, balance, generosity, enjoyment, relationships, integrity and growth. The creed is “To fill my …show more content…

ASA offers in-person education through new member meetings every Sunday. This is a fairly new learning technique used by the sorority. In these meeting the chairmen of the new member committee will take you through a lesson about one of the core value of Alpha Sigma Alpha and teach you the rituals that you need to know. They will then assign an online lesson that must be completed before the next in-person meeting. This tool is called ASALearn and is a review of the in-person lesson. It will ask you your thoughts on the lesson and what your before and after idea was on a concept. There is also a new member manual that new members can refer to if they are confused about a ritual or a value that the sorority takes part in. There is then a ritual reflection journal that is personal but is helpful to write in for future reference and for a memory when you are an alumni of the organization. Lastly, every new member is assigned a big sister to help them with their journey into the group. If you have any questions the above sources can’t answer, you go to your big sister and she will help you figure it out. It is very hard not to be successfully a part of this group. The main priority for a new member is to continuously show up and be a part of all the different functions the sorority is a part of. The only time people struggle is when they decide …show more content…

For dues there is bill highway and if there is a problem with your personal balance you will be directly contacted by the treasurer. It, at the end of the day is your responsibility to keep up with the printed schedule and payment of dues. It is around $500 per semester to be in ASA. This is a small amount to pay for all that the sorority, in theory, offers. This is interesting because of the way this chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha is running. Usually, $500 would be worth it to grow into a woman of poise and purpose. However, in this chapter of our sorority, social divides are making the organization less likely to

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  • Explains the purpose of alpha sigma alpha, which is to foster close friendships between members and to develop women of poise and purpose.
  • Explains the insignia of alpha sigma alpha: the star, crown, palm tree, and phoenix.
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