Explain Why I Want To Be An Alpha Phi Alpha

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Why I desire to be an Alpha man, a question that rolls around my thoughts since being invited to an informational. Out of all the organizations that exist from college fraternities to masonic lodges that cater to those of my cultural background the Alpha’s have always stood out as special, important and significant. In today’s society the romantic notion of college educated black man has almost no appeal unless affiliated with sports. Yet there is a storm brewing under the current of business, philosophy and science that will erupt and captivate the audience of this technological generation as it moves forward; and the vibrant and committed voices that represent Alpha Phi Alpha will have to ring true for the legacy to continue. This train that is approaching will require men of different experiences and stories to lead, shape and design new avenues to guide the…show more content…
I thought long and hard about the topics presented in this essay. And the ends justify the means for me. I desire to be an Alpha man because of what I can contribute to Alpha Phi Alpha. I can bring and lay down the false covering that society feels safe with men of my caliber to wear, I can shed the skin of a charlatan and be the man that I was destined to be. I can bring my voice and my hands and an open heart with clear conscious to be utilized for the common good of the people. I can bring my ingenuity and charisma to a group of elders and peers that can provide insight on how to sharpen and use my tools without the feeling that my input serves a system of oppression. Now its not to say that there aren’t people in the community that a man can or can not lean on, but it is to say that the men of Alpha Phi Alpha have a purpose that they exist for and it is that purpose that I desire to serve. To be a great man under the alpha guidelines means that I would have to bring something to Alpha that then brings something to all, what am I willing to bring? What am I willing to sacrifice, is the
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