The Role Kappa Alpha Psi Has Played in My Life

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Kappa Alpha Psi Inc. has played a large part in my life in a short amount of time; this organization has granted me the opportunity to attend college through a scholarship. The scholarship that I was granted was through the alumni chapter in Fayetteville; it required letters of recommendations, a transcript, an application, and an essay on what I believe “Achievement in every field of human endeavor” means. Once I received the call that was telling me to meet the representative to receive a letter stating whether I received the scholarship. When I opened the letter, two tickets fell out for the Kappa Scholarship ball, and when I read the letter, it stated that I have been picked to receive the scholarship from Kappa Alpha Psi Inc. The weekend of the scholarship ball, my mother planned a graduation trip for a couple of friends of mine and I to go Myrtle Beach. So the day of the scholarship ball, I drove from Myrtle Beach to Fayetteville to attend the scholarship ball; once I arrived at the ball, I was greeted by many men of Kappa Alpha Psi Inc. When I sat down at the table that they reserved for me and the three other scholarship awardees, I was approached by many men of the fraternity. That night was very spectacular and eventful; the men who had presented me scholarship seemed down to earth, sociable guys. They treated me with so much respect, and talked to me about how I see my future and told me what I could do to be a successful African-American in today’s society. These men set an example of accomplishment and in the short time that we had together, they instilled in me that I should never be content with where I am and I can always do better as long as I have the mind set of an achiever. Without this scholarship, I ... ... middle of paper ... ...t the top, but to raise the bar higher for those who are reaching for the top. The men of this fraternity set an example of achievement; they show that being the best isn’t enough. That is why I want to be a part of this fraternity, because I want to be set the example, I want to show that being okay isn’t good enough, and I want to show that being an African-American male, I will not be hindered by stereotypes or any other preconceptions. Being able to be a part of this organization that will push me to be the man I can be, rather than pull me down to a lower level; will grant me the opportunity to be able to show that others can make it, just like I did. Kappa Alpha Psi Inc. is the organization I wish to represent, progress, and be a member of because their objectives and goals, represent what I stand for, and I couldn’t see myself joining any other fraternity.

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  • Describes how kappa alpha psi inc. gave them the opportunity to attend college through a scholarship.
  • Opines that kappa alpha psi inc. has given them the opportunity to grow, on many levels, and to be around men with the same mindset.
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