Top Social Media Marketing Trends Essay

Top Social Media Marketing Trends Essay

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Top Social Media Marketing Trends to Help Marketers Dominate In 2016
Want to change the way you leverage social media for digital success this year? It’s time to evaluate your social media strategies, and differentiate great tactics from ones that have under-delivered. This evaluation is really important to come out with a unique social media strategy to rock the markets in 2016. There are a bunch of opportunities which can let you shine on the social media front. So let’s have a look at highly effective social media trends that will help you dominate the market in 2016.
Social Commerce
Facebook and Pinterest, the two most renowned social media brands have adopted the concept of social commerce. With the "buy" button offered by both of these platforms, advertisers can sell their products through social media. In a sponsored post on Facebook and Pinterest by any advertiser, people are able to see a "buy" button. So people interested in any of the advertised product can simply buy them through social media platforms. This trend is fresh and expected to be adopted by all the social media platforms by the end of 2016. This feature can really bring great conversions to the brands and transform social media platforms into commerce magnets.
Videos Marketing
In 2015, content was the king of social media and digital marketing strategies. But with the New Year rollicking ahead, video content is expected to witness substantial growth. To utilize the video trend perfectly in your marketing strategies, various types of videos can be used, for instance, explainer videos, educational videos and entertainment videos. It is up to you how you decide to put your social marketing ideas in videos and then present those to your audience. Relevant video...

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...showcase how desktop traffic has been overtaken by mobile traffic. And in 2016 it is fair enough to assume a greater surge in the numbers. No wonders, marketers consider it a must for to have a site or app compatible with mobile devices.
Customer Reviews
For a business, a customer’s review is an important asset because it arms the company with the capability to attract another prospect without investing any marketing or advertisement dollars. So it is important to keep track of your customers through various social media channels and encourage them to leave reviews for your product/services. Trusted reviews in turn enhance the credibility of a business, as people looking for any product or service never forget to take cues from existing reviews.
These are the critical social media trends that every CMO or digital marketing manager would do well to keep a track of.

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