To What Extent are American Scientist and Institutions Responsible for Nazi Eugenics?

To What Extent are American Scientist and Institutions Responsible for Nazi Eugenics?

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During Adolf Hitler’s reign many American companies and scientist contributed towards advances in eugenic studies, are they to blame for the atrocities that occurred in the Second World War? It started in the late 1800s by Francis Galton who believed that to “raise the present miserably low standard of the human race breeding the best with the best” had to happen. Although the United States had a large amount of involvement, many European scientists and governments aided the research. In the late 1800s many rich businessmen and prior slave owners were most likely upset as slavery had been abolished, so through science they wanted to make Africans and Asians an inferior race. After World War II countless Nazi scientists were tried and punished for crimes against humanity, but were they really to blame for all eugenic crimes.
It was the early 1900s. The United States had abolished slavery almost a hundred years ago, although racism was still apparent, companies and institutions like the Rockefeller foundation, Carnegie Institution and Harriman Railroad Fortune greatly influenced and greatly funded Nazi Eugenic studies. Its almost ironic that a philanthropist company like the Rockefeller foundation was responsible for such crimes. By 1926 the philanthropic Rockefeller Foundation had donated some $400,000 which translates to 4 million dollars today, not only that but of the three fortune 500 all were in “league with some of America's most respected scientists hailing from such prestigious universities as Stanford, Yale, Harvard, and Princeton”. While they greatly funded overseas research companies like the Harriman Railroad Fortune were performing eugenic studies in the United States “the Harriman railroad fortune paid local...

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