The Three Patterns Of Knowing Essay

The Three Patterns Of Knowing Essay

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The four Patterns of Knowing are aspects that are essential to become a well-rounded nurse. The first Pattern of Knowing is empirical. Empirical knowing is the science of nursing. Having the empirical background is essential to be able to know the basics on how to perform tasks such as take patients blood pressure, draw blood or check their heart rate. The second Pattern of Knowing is ethical. Having a good ethical conscious means that u try and do the right thing and follow the rules that are regulated to be a nurse. Without having the ethical side as a nurse, it would be easy to do whatever you feel like and easier to break the rules.
The third Pattern of Knowing is aesthetic. Having an Aesthetic pattern of knowing means that you have the art of nursing. The art of nursing as discussed above, means that you are able to connect with the patient and are able to perform your tasks with multiple patients while making each one feel as if they are the only one you are caring for. The power point Thinking Like a Nurse by Vicki Schug explains that having an aesthetic pattern of...

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