Importance Of Ethics In Health Care

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In the health care industry, patients’ have a legal right when making decisions pertaining to their health and medical needs. Did you know, it is the responsibility of medical professionals to promote responsible business practices at every level of the organization and the business should be conducted ethically and honestly? Ethics are the values and moral principles that govern and guide the decisions and actions of a group or an individual. Ethics give direction on how to act right from wrong when faced with moral issues and dilemmas. In addition, there are three ways ethics are used within the health care aspect;
1. Philosophical ethics-involves inquiry about ways of life and rules of conduct
2. Way of life-religious ethics
3. Moral conduct-involves …show more content…

Having respect is the basic essential of treating people ethically and meeting the complete needs of patients and their families across the continuum of care. Yet, the key component from the staffing levels of the medical professionals is to keep the patients best interest at heart and in mind. On the other hand, there will always be those who stand up for the morally right thing; but you will also have some that will try to go against the rules and regulations and do their own medical …show more content…

Patients want the highest quality of care with reasonable measures of caution. When dealing with individual’s lives relating to health, most people take pride in seeking professional and certified medical personnel. USA Community Hospital takes all employees and patients concerns seriously and if any issues arise among anyone, then they will be addressed promptly. Individuals will be held accountable for their actions, so there is no tolerance for unethical behavior.
The ultimate legal ramification to the professional personnel regarding the ethical treatment of USA Community Hospital HIV/AIDS patients is to make sure every need has been met to the best of our ability and no patient feels uncomfortable with the services that we have to offer. Employees are to be professional at all times and give the patient their utmost respect, integrity, and trust while keeping the patient’s personal information and medical file

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