Theory X and Theory Y Leadership Model Essay

Theory X and Theory Y Leadership Model Essay

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The Keller Case Paper describes Wolfgang Keller and the way he is trying to turn around the Konigsbrau-Hellas beer company subsidiary in Greece. In this paper, the leadership style that Keller was effective in using as well as the business concepts that made him an effective leader will be further explained.
The leadership model that is being chosen in this paper is the Theory X and Theory Y Leadership model and how to compare the two management style of each employee described in this paper. According to the Business Balls (n.d.), the Theory X manager is a person who is authoritarian and maintains a repressive style while showing characteristics of tight control and no development. They explain a Theory Y manager as a person who wants to have a high achievement, empower their employees, and giving their employees great responsibilities that they known that the person can handle.
Gabarro (1997) explains that Wolfgang Keller is very hands on manager who has been able to move up in the management ranks to achieve the current position he holds as the managing director at Konigsbrau-Hellas AE in Greece. Gabarro (1997) explains that he has been put in charge to evaluate and help to improve the performance of Dimitri Petrou who is Konigsbrau-Hellas AE's commercial director. The performance of Petrou has been a concern to Keller according to Gabarro (1997). Theory X and Theory Y by McGregor (1960) will evaluate the leadership style of both Keller and Petrou.
According to Business Balls (n.d) who explain the Theory X and Theory Y describe particular characteristics of each manager. The characteristics listed in this theory describe Wolfgang Keller as a Theory Y manager and Dimitri Petrou as a Theory X manager. Petrou is not an aut...

... middle of paper ... and finding their strengths and weaknesses. A successful manager honing the strengths of an employee while getting them to work hard on their weaknesses makes everyone successful because that key component of the team is successful.

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