The Theory Of Empowerment Is The Way The Status Quo Essay

The Theory Of Empowerment Is The Way The Status Quo Essay

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The theory of empowerment is the way the status quo can successfully be transformed. According to this theory societies wanting to change the status quo will experience three different steps. The first step in the process is forming a normative goal; this is simply what you want to change to. The normative goal is what the goal of politics should be. Those who wish to change the status quo should have a normative goal know what they are seeking from the new system. The second step needed in the process is creating a method of action; this is the process which needs to take place in order to change status quo. This is necessary ensure people are able and willing to take action necessary; they must believe the goal and method is possible before they commit. The last part of the required for the theory of empowerment is an analysis of the national power, this analysis the way power works within the institution or society. In order for transformational politics to be possible all three parts of the theory should take place.
Although the theory of empowerment is one model some theorist works focus extensively on different requirements of the model one of them being German theorist Herbert Marcuse. Marcuse’s concepts of Reason, Freedom, and Happiness constitute the normative goal of theory of empowerment. Marcuse discusses how the sphere of technology should be allowing people to have more free time for pleasure since less labor is needed to produce society’s fundamental needs sine technology has advanced so drastically. Meaning that basic repression, or the minimum level of labor needed to produce the required societal needs should be dramatically less than the labor required one hundred, fifty, or even twenty years ago. Despite ...

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...vements. Through his works Gramsci examines the sociological basis of oppression and unequal relations of power and ultimately develops a strategy for building the necessary political formations and strategies to transform the systems which allow and even encourage oppression through the hegemonic systems. Gramsci discusses how those seeking to transform politics or society must understand the basis of power if they wish to maintain it.
Marcuse, Freire, and Gramsci each had their own separate theories for the transformational change of politics and society.. Using their works we are able to see concrete examples of the three parts that create the theory of empowerment. These men each created their own theories based on their own experiences and understanding of society. Despite their different theories each one understands the importance of culture and consciousness

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