`` Then Later, His Ghost ' : How Strength And Determination Can Get You Through These Tough Times

`` Then Later, His Ghost ' : How Strength And Determination Can Get You Through These Tough Times

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A determination is a driving force that helps people through rough times in their lives. Without determination, people would no longer strive for their goals. Throughout the short story, ‘Then Later, His Ghost,’ Sarah Hall shows how strength and determination can get you through these tough times. This theme is made clear through the severe setting the characters are faced with and her use of symbolism.
This short story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. It is unclear to the readers how the world got to be this way. This story takes place four years after all this chaos began. The narrator does an excellent job setting the scene throughout the story using lots of details. It is revealed throughout the story that it takes place during the winter. It is December twenty-third which plays a significant part in this story because it is almost Christmas. This is important because, throughout this story, the main character is searching for a gift. It is safe to assume that this story takes place in Denver, Colorado. The narrator calls the town that he is traveling to the Golden Triangle. This town is filled with Victorian Style homes, a civic center, and an old library. All of which are located within the Golden Triangle, a large neighborhood near the northern part of Colorado. The two characters are staying at a house with a barn that is a few miles from the town. The setting of this story has a huge effect on both the characters and the plot. The fact that this story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world affects the way the characters must think and act throughout the story.
This story involves two main characters, one male, and one female. The male protagonist is a dynamic character who changes and expressing his tho...

... middle of paper ...

... evolved. Usually when someone says the word evolve people automatically think of humans evolving from apes. That is not the case for this story. When he says that he evolved he means that he has changed mentally, not physically. This character has learned from his past mistakes which have helped him grow and become more skilled. He is saying that he is a different and better person because of his past. Towards the end of the story, he looks into a mirror and questions whether he is still human or not. He is having an out of body experience and is wondering if all of this terrible stuff had really happened.
For many people, living in this kind of a world would drive them insane. But those who are determined and willing to go great lengths will survive. For this character, he found a reason to keep on living and persevere through the rough times he is faced with.

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