Importance Of Symbolism In Poetry

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2.2.1 Icon
An icon is a sign which refers to the object that it denotes merely by virtue of characters of its own, and which it possesses, just the same, whether any such object actually exists or not. An icon can be a physical object (two or three dimensional) that resembles what it is presented, such as photographs of people. An icon can also be illustrative or diagrammatic, for example a ‘no-smoking’ sign, icon of men and women in the toilet, etc.
2.2.2 Index
An index is a sign which refers to the object that it denotes by virtue of being really affected by that object. There is a direct link between the sign and the object. The majority of traffic signs are index as they represent information which relates to a location. For instance a ‘slippery road surface’ sign placed on a road which is prone to flooding, or smoke and fire, the smoke would indicate the presence of fire. Footprints on the ground is an index of people who is passing through the area.
2.2.3 Symbol
A symbol is a sign which refers to the object that it denotes by virtue of law (convention, regulations or agreements), usually an association of general ideas, which operates to cause the symbol to be interpreted as referring to the object. The new symbols can be …show more content…

Imagery plays a role in literature works to evoke the imaginative imagery, to create a mental image and to evoke certain thoughts to the readers. Burton (1984:97) states "Imagery in poetry is an appeal to senses through words. Through the senses the emotions and intellect of the reader can be swiftly stirred; consequently, poetry makes much use of-imagery.” According to the quote, imagery has an influential value to give a special atmosphere, clarity, and provide a strong local color, then a poet uses a local unity of imageries in his mind. It can be said, a good poem is a poem that has many kinds of imagery, but it does not mean that poem is not good if there are no imageries put

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