The Power of Literary Symbolism

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Symbols in literacy are tremendously important to make a story more than what it may seem at first glance, but in the story Lord of the Flies symbolism is taken to a new extreme. Nearly everything mentioned in this story embodies something that assists in creating a life lesson from which all people can learn. A symbol is an item or idea within a story that represents a deeper meaning. Throughout this story each symbol has a strong connection with power, the need for authority is blatantly obvious, and is like a reoccurring theme throughout the whole novel. The representation of control over the island is very unique and repetitive; several simple items have an exceptionally commanding role as the story begins to expand. The head of a dead sow placed upon a stake creates an atmosphere of evil that hovers over the entire island and inflicts a certain fear upon everyone. This sow’s head in addition to a conch shell found lying on the island tremendously impact the story. These symbols help to both empower certain individuals and demean other helpless characters, which creates a separat...

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